Cherubim City Bike

Cherubim is no stranger to winning awards at NAHBS.  They have claimed President’s Choice, Best Track Frame, President’s Award for Excellence, and now Best City Bike.  This year’s city bike is a sleek, elegant design featuring a 2 speed coaster brake hub and a very unique handlebar.

Click through for more images of this beauty, plus one slick roadie.

Cherubim City Bike Bars and Ribbon

Cherubim City Bike Handlebars

Cherubim City Bike Drive Train

Cherubim City Bike Rear

Cherubim City Bike  Rear Rack

Cherubim City Bike Wooden Rims

To round out a super minimalist build…wooden rims.

Cherubim Road Bike

Cherubim Road Bike Logo

Cherubim Road Bike Stem

Cherubim Road Bike BB Shell

Cherubim Road Bike Hidden Seat Binder

The hidden seat post binder is a classy touch, if not a little rough compared to the rest of the bike.

Cherubim City Bike Fillet Brazzed Fin

That lovely fin is created by building up brass and shaping it when brazing the joint.



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