FrostBike 2013: Problem Solvers Gets SRAM and Shimano to Play Nicely, with new MisMatch Adapters

After SRAM introduced their Matchmaker clamps awhile ago, Shimano finally got on board with a similar brake-shift lever clamp integration set up with their I-Spec compatible shifters. The catch? If you wanted to minimize handlebar clutter, there weren’t a whole lot of options to mix and match. Fortunately, PS is adding another option to the mix.

Qualifying as one of those ideas that makes you think why didn’t I think of that?, the MisMatch adapters are incredibly simple, yet will allow for a cleaner bar setup if you choose to mix and match. Currently, PS only offers a MisMatch adapter for Shimano brake levers with Sram shifters – but you have to ask how long it will be until they offer an adapter for the opposite. The adapters are CNC’d aluminum and are designed for use with Shimano I-Spec compatible brake levers and any SRAM MatchMaker compatible shifter.

Full list of brake lever compatibility after the break along with very cool steel/alloy single speed cog.

FrostBike 2013: Problem Solvers Gets SRAM and Shimano to Play Nicely, with new MisMatch Adapters

Brake Lever Compatibility -Shimano I-Spec compatible brake levers (2012 & earlier):

  • XTR BL-M988, BL-M985
  • XT BL-M785, BL-T785, BL-T780
  • SLX BL-M675
  • Deore LX BL-T675, BL-T670
  • Deore BL-M596
  • Alfine BL-S700
  • Saint BL-M820
  • Zee BL-M640

Shift Lever Compatibility – SRAM MatchMaker-compatible shifters

FrostBike 2013: Problem Solvers Gets SRAM and Shimano to Play Nicely, with new MisMatch Adapters

It’s little thing like this cassette cog carrier and the MisMatch adapters that make Problem Solvers tick. With single speed cogs you’re usually forced into choosing between inexpensive steel cogs that last a long time, but have such a thin profile that they can dig into softer aluminum freehub bodies. Sure there are some nicer steel cogs out there that have a wider base to distribute the load, but they’re usually pretty expensive. PS’s new cassette cog carrier combines an alloy carrier with a steel cog for the best of both worlds.

The wide alloy base keeps it from chewing up your hub, and the steel cog is super durable, and can be switched out with other inexpensive cogs for different gear ratios without having to buy an entire new unit. As an added bonus, you can remove the alloy carrier and mount the cog to a 6 bolt disc hub. Nice.


  1. A on


    That guy is done, no longer making parts and has $3000.00 worth of peoples money tied up and will not provide any refunds for undelivered product.

  2. Brian on

    Hope has been making a matchmaker style bit for a while now. Running my hope brakes connected to my SRAM shifters works really well. I’d imagine that the hope bits could be used to make other matches too.

  3. nh on

    That is great so many people prefer sram for shifting and shimano for stopping.

    Also the single speed cog mounted to the brake mounts. This weekend I will be getting the drill out to make me old mtb wheel into a fixie.

  4. Swami on

    Just installed MisMatch adapters, I’m with sweed on this, poor execution, a discombobulation of a setup that forces the shifter too far back. My setup is XTR brake/XX shifter. Much more adjustable with the stock XX clamps.


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