It might seem like an oxymoron, but the next big thing for your press fit BB might be some threads. While press fit BBs offer some benefits from a frame construction stand point like wider BB shells and no need to bond a threaded alloy insert into a carbon frame, under certain conditions the BBs have been known to “walk” which causes noises and can damage the shell or the BB. Hope is the latest company to join in on offering a press fit BB that is threaded in the center ensuring that both cups stay in place to eliminate any problems. e*thirteen is one of the other companies who have similar products, though their threaded BB is designed for BB30 and PF30, not BB92/89.5/86.5. Due to the wider shell of these bottom brackets, you can’t use an external tool to install the BB, which is why Hope has devised their new threaded press fit BB.

More on the Hope PF Threaded BB along with new grips and BMX Hubs after the break.

Basically, to install the BB, you will need the special tool that Hope will be producing that covers all aspects of installation. End users will be able to purchase the tool, but Hope expects it to be mostly retailers who have the tool in order to ensure the bottom bracket is properly installed. The bottom bracket consists of 3 main pieces, with the threaded sleeve shown on the tool above that is inserted through a BB cup with the bearing removed. It is then threaded into the other cup, pulling the whole assembly together. Once the BB shell is installed, you use the tool to reinstall the bearing in the cup.

The Hope bottom brackets will be a worthy upgrade for any compatible mountain bikes that use either BB92, or BB89.5 and road bikes with BB86.5. Another bonus of the design is that the BB is rebuildable with new bearings, rather than having to throw away the whole unit as with the plastic press fit types.


With all of the pieces, the Hope BB comes in at 115g. It might be a little more than the plastic press fits, but the added grams are probably worth it for durability. Pricing is still being worked out, but expect the threaded BBs to run slightly more than their unthreaded counterparts.

Hope has also been working on some new light weight lock on grips that will be offered in clear, black, red, and blue. The core is made in house by Hope and is then sent out for the rubber to be applied.

At 94g they are certainly not the lightest, but also not chunky. They also have two lock collars, while most of the really light lock-ons use only one. Available now.

Finally, Hope is also working on some new BMX hubs that will use a similar freehub design to their current hubs, but will offer increased engagement point. There will be two driver options – the one piece on the left designed for dirt jumping, flatland, or street applications, and the two piece cassette type on right that is geared towards racing.


  1. Ck on

    I thought the reason they went to plastic/nylon shells for PFBB’s was because the metal on metal contact of something like BB30 was the source of all the creaking and BB shell damage. I’m not sure how threading the two bearing housing together would stop that from being a potential issue. And yay more special tools?

  2. Ernest Lam on

    After reading this I really appreciate companies like SantaCruz sticking to the thread BB standard after all the hypes about BB30 and other press fit standards. So much trouble and special tools needs to fix something I have never felt useful. Greg the DH champion rides on a V10 using threaded BB, that’s enough proof for me to stick with standard threaded BB.

  3. Joe Graney on

    Ernest, after reading this, I’m glad we still only use threaded bb shells as well at Santa Cruz. No slag to hope either, just shows how many hoops must be jumped through to come full circle. Viva la threads!

  4. Tes on

    This is more proof that consumers are just guinea pigs for bottom bracket R&D.

    Next year we’ll be pressing bearings into these and it’ll be press-fit and threads all the way down. Or we’ll be bolting on BBs in several different thread sizes and patterns.

  5. bongwater on

    We need to find a way to like, thread a bottom bracket shell of a frame, in a standard threading, and then just like, I don’t know, thread some bottom bracket cups into the frame directly… someone should get on that.


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