Ritchey P-650b fillet brazed steel hardtail mountain bike

One of the nice things about being your own builder/brand is that you can build whatever you want for yourself, sellability be damned. And, while he probably could sell as many as he could make, Tom Ritchey built this fillet brazed show version of the P-650b as a one-off for NAHBS (and, likely, for his own use). The ones you and I can buy are standard tig welded.

Just visible at the top/left background is the 650B/700c breakaway tandem is inching closer to production, they’re mainly just finalizing the bags that the frame will go into.

More pics, plus 650B wheels and tires, below…

Ritchey Z-Max Revolution 650b tires and Vantage Wheels now available

The Ritchey Z Max Evolution mountain bike tire is now coming in 650B size, available in spring. $69.95, weight TBD. 27.5×2.1.

The 650B wheels are shipping and available now. The WCS Vantage Alloy are 1587g and retail for $799. These wheels are mounted to their WCS carbon rigid 650B fork, shown better in the complete bike photo at top, which is also available now for $499. 615g claimed.

The XX1 driver body will ship in a couple months for all of their compatible wheels. Check this post for more details on which brands are offering XX1 hub kits.


  1. Ritchey is calling anything “unobtainium”.

    Looks to me like Bike Rumour is using that as a term to describe the fact that normal mortals can’t actually “obtain” a fillet brazed Ritchey frame for themselves.

  2. The term “unobtainium” predates Oakley, the movie Avatar, and this bike. I remember seeing it in a bike mag article in the early 90’s around the time manufacturers were trying to come up with the next miracle frame material. Beryllium, anyone?

  3. Love the P-20/21 bikes in the early 90’s. I don’t see what they don’t offer complete bikes?? Also, it is his name and design but I don’t like the fact that his bikes are made in some sweat shop in a third world country and we pay top dollar for it! Fat Chance made the bikes in Somerville, Mass, Antbike mike in Massachusetts, Ingleheartbikes and Ted Wojick bikes in NH. I don’t mind paying the money if it is actually made here and not just buying his design. JMO

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