Kelson Road Bike

Hailing from South Eastern Idaho, builder Brain Williams of Kelson Custom Cycles doesn’t limit himself to one material when he builds bikes.  He works in a mix of steel, titanium, and carbon fiber.  On display in the Kelson booth was a clean example of a tube-to-tube lightweight carbon roadie, a carbon and titanium R.A.D (road, asphault, dirt) gravel bike, and even a steel 29er.  Not only does he build the bikes, he also paints them in house.

Images and details on the flip side.

Kelson Road Bike Weight

When speaking with Brain, he wasn’t sure the weight of his carbon road bike.  His best guess was somewhere around 15 lbs.  He did inform us that the frame (including the ISP) comes in right at 1000g.  When we popped back over to the booth with a scale, it was nice seeing 14.2 lbs come up.

Kelson Road Bike Headtube

Kelson Road Bike Fork

Kelson Road Bike Full Carbon Droputs

Full carbon drop outs are made in house.  Tubes are sourced from Enve, then joined with carbon lugs in house.

Kelson Cross Bike

The R.A.D. bike seemed to fit right in with one of the major themes at this year’s show: Grave Grinders.  And to be honest, it was one of my personal favorites.  This one happens to be consist of a titanium chassis with a carbon backbone.

Kelson Cross Bike Ti Lug

Kelson Cross Bike Ti Downtube and Chainstays

The head tube, downtube, and chainstays are all made from Ti.

Kelson Cross Bike Carbon Lug

The Carbon toptube, seattube, and chainstays are all joined by a hand wrapped carbon lug.

Kelson Cross Bike BB

Kelson Cross Bike Road Asphault Dirt

Road.  Asphalt.  Dirt.  Ride all of the things.

Kelson Steel 29er

And just for kicks, a solid example of a steel 650B MTB.  For more examples of Kelson Custom Cycles see their Flickr page.


  1. @ddhross – Hmmm, I think you may just be right, as it clearly says 650B on the tires. The post has been updated. Thank you.

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