FrostBike 2013: Jagwire Keeps it Pro with New Pro Cable Cutter and Crimper

We like tools a lot here at Bikerumor, especially tools which help to make working on bikes as pro as possible – even if it’s something as simple as crimping a cable. Jagwire’s new Pro Cable Cutter and Crimper does just that in the pro manner you would expect. In addition to having a high quality cutting edge for snipping cables to the right length, the Cutter also features a little pocket in the center of the tool for a cable crimp. Place the crimp in the hole, insert the cable into the crimp, squeeze the handles, and the crimping head squeezes down from three sides at once leaving you with the perfectly crimped cable. The position and size of the tool makes us think it would be a lot easier to squeeze into tight spaces on a bike, especially since you no longer have to hold the crimp in place until you squeeze it. Added bonus – need to reuse that cable in a pinch? Use the hook built in to the inside of the tool to pull the old crimp off the cable leaving you with a cable end that you might be able to re-insert into the housing – if you’re lucky.

Want every reflective bit possible on your bike? Check out Jagwire’s reflective brake cable kit after the break.

FrostBike 2013: Jagwire Keeps it Pro with New Pro Cable Cutter and Crimper

Adding reflective stripes to housing was a pretty simple idea – but one that turned out to be a little more difficult in the end. As it turns out, brake and shift housing are coated in a different plastic and the plastic that is used for shift cabling apparently will not take the reflective coating. So if you’re looking to line your bike with reflective stripes anywhere there is a cable, you’ll have to settle for the brakes. Jagwire’s Universal Sport brake kit includes everything you need for a brake cable/housing upgrade and is offered in 7 colors including reflective.

FrostBike 2013: Jagwire Keeps it Pro with New Pro Cable Cutter and Crimper

The reflective coating is only on one side, so you’ll have to pay attention to how you install it on your bike. Once it’s installed though, it should stay in place without rotating.


  1. Indiefab on

    Years ago I bought an Air Force surplus cable crimp tool on eBay. Its indispensable. So much better than trying to squeeze the crimp on with pliers or cutters.

    Including the cable cutter into the head on this tool is a great idea.

  2. Jeremiah White on

    Man the shop that I worked at had one of the older ones and it was the pride of the owner. You better believe I only got to use the squirrely Park Tool one. FNG FTW!


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