FrostBike 2013: Kryptonite Offers to Hold Your Lock, with new Mounts

One of the most important steps to properly locking up your bike? That would be actually having your lock with you when you need to lock up. Kryptonite is hoping to make that step easier with their new handlebar mounted U-Lock mount, as well as an updated frame mount. Let’s face it, as a college student or commuter you probably have enough crap in you bag as it is, so being able to keep your lock on your bike is pretty useful. However, frame mounts don’t always work due to frame designs, bottle cages, etc, so Kryptonite looked at how many people were already carrying their locks – simply around their bars. With this inspiration, their latest lock bracket was born which securely attaches even the biggest U-locks to your bars.

Kryptonite’s frame mounts have been updated as well with improved latches that no longer rely on a tapered fitting, meaning much easier in and out.


  1. Matt on

    This is great. It’s what you want to do anyway, but allows the lock to be secure and not just thunking around everywhere.


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