Rock Shox DLC(?) Forks Spotted on Possible Trek Long Travel 29 Proto, more

A mysterious fellow by the name of Bob sent in Steven’s image of what appears to be a prototype long travel 29er that he spotted on a recent ride. The bike looks to feature the same Full Floater/ABP suspension system as Trek’s 26″ full suspension mountain bikes, though comparing the wheels to the Slash next to it, it certainly looks like a 29er. With the Rumblefish at 120mm and the longer travel Roscoe 29 never materializing, is this the next enduro 29 from Trek’s camp, or is it simply a test mule that isn’t going anywhere? On Zach’s recent trip to Trek’s head quarters, he didn’t catch wind of anything new – so it’s either a tightly guarded secret, or just another day of testing.

The other bit of news is the resurfacing of possible DLC coatings on Rockshox forks. The coating has been seen on BlackBox Pro athletes for a few years now, but as of late it has not been available to consumers. Granted this is on a prototype, but the photos after the break from SRAM’s Duncan Riffle make us think they could be on their way…

Rock Shox DLC(?) Forks Spotted on Possible Trek Long Travel 29 Proto, more

It’s hard not to focus on the beautiful scenery, but if you check out both bikes they look to have pretty production looking forks with what looks like DLC Coated Stanchions – although it could just be the anodization treatment that Tyler Morland discussed with us on the new Specialized Demo 8 Carbon.

Rock Shox DLC(?) Forks Spotted on Possible Trek Long Travel 29 Proto, more

Yup, Sedona is pretty rad. Not a whole lot of detail on the bikes, but we’re guessing there is more than one new thing hidden on it. More when we have it. Especially considering this ad in the latest BR&IN:

Avid Trail Series teaser ad in BRAIN magazine


    • @Jay, most likely. If you link through to the Rock Shox Factory tour post, Boobar’s Lyric has DLC coating and that was 3 years ago, they’re definitely testing it – but for now it’s all speculation.

  1. They will always be testing a new coating. Stanchion durrability and reducing stanchion/seal friction are high on any shock makers lists of things they would love to improve. Plus, changing the surface coating of a tube is not all that difficult of a running change to make. All black look nice …mmmmhmmm.

  2. If you look at JHK’s Strava, he mentions doing a bunch of Trek Prototype testing. Since he is on the ” Trek Enduro team” this year, I could totally see him testing the Slash vs a 29er long travel for Enduro racing.

  3. With Trek’s removal of 26″ bikes from their XC lineup, I am betting on a 650B Top Fuel and a 29″ Full Suspension bike along the lines of the Superfly 100.

  4. @watchtower:
    Although Sedona is amazing. And the tell-tale red dirt skunk stripe is worn as a badge of honor in the XC world, dont let the instagram filters fool you. Those pictures have been modified.

  5. If you have a really close look at the blue Specialized Enduro with the Reverb, it looks like its a 150mm travel Reverb. Which until now was only available in 31,6 and 34,9mm diameter posts. As Spesh always has 30,9mm seat tube ID I guess it might be possible that we see a 150mm 30.9mm Reverb.
    That would be rad.

    Now imagine a bike with black stanchions and all black rear shock. Like the marzocchi days of old 🙂

    Pretty RAD year for everything all mountain Enduro and 29. Wasn’t that stoked on trendy marketing stuff for years, but right now the industry is hitting my hidden desires…

  6. Here is my thread…. In case anyone is interested.

    • Hey Steven, thanks for speaking up. We really did get that photo in an email from Bob, but I’ve changed the article to credit you. Cheers.

  7. More important is that it looks like a 29er version of the Lyrik, now that would be some good news…these same forks have also been spotted on the Specialized Enduro 29er.
    It’s certainly not a Revelation which is their current long travel 29er offering.

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