We covered Giro’s recently released New Road clothing line, but we didn’t see this backpack anywhere in their lineup. I dropped in at Giro’s little party in Portland to see some merino shirts cut for cyclists, and happened to snap a couple shots of something completely new. This waterproof bag is made of a rugged and relatively light weight material with a nice texture. It’s an upcoming addition that will fall neatly in line with the spirit of Giro’s new function-meets-performance clothing lineup.

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Inside this medium sized rucksack you find one large main compartment, that when fully opened creates a tall compartment with lots of usable space when you need it. Left and right side waterproof zippers open long side pockets good for mini pumps, tools, gloves, food or anything you may need to access quickly. Centered on the pack is a u-lock holster with retaining strap and a place to clip your taillight. There was also a well-padded back panel that should help mitigate sweat issues during the warm summer days ahead of us. This was definitely a functional bag and it’s light weight was hard to ignore.

Pricing and additional details will be available soon. Hop over to Giro’s website to see their New Road clothing line.


  1. David French on

    This bag looks great, but I won’t be buying one on account of Giro shafting all the independent bike shops here in England.

  2. James Wells on

    I have always liked Giro’s Backpacks. I already have 2 backpacks but I’m feeling like I can have one more. Besides backpacks, I usually keep a Waist bag with me while riding my bike. This allows me to keep my docs together, and it’s comparatively easy easy to find things in waist bag then looking into backpack.


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