Sometimes there are no words to describe how badly you need a cup of coffee, and sometimes, there are no words to describe how ridiculously unnecessary, extravagant, and awesome something is.

Take these limited edition Tune Carbon Coffee Cups. At $240 a piece, and currently limited to two in the United States, this picture is as close as most of us will get to the most laterally stiff and vertically compliant cycling inspired dishware available today.

Interested in your very own podium winning set? Visit Fairwheel Bikes



  1. I was just about fed up of heavy coffee cups (are you listening starbucks?), now I can have a coffee cup to match my carbon obsession (and my thin cycling arms)…

    It’s a tough call though, what to do, get a new carbon handlebar or this cup? I’m assuming that the contents won’t spill out as I’m riding and enjoying my drink (vertical compliance??).

    If Darth Vader drank coffee, he would use this cup!

  2. As a traditionalist, I sneer at this cheap, overseas sourced carbon dishware, as I drink from my NAHBS-inspired, custom geometry titanium espresso cup…

  3. cant be safe but i do like how it looks. it does reminds me of Waterford Crystal.. Drinking from lead glass, Yummy and healthy 🙂

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