Fuji's Norcom Straight, Getting Closer

Representing the most we’ve seen of the Norcom Straight so far, this fuzzy photo doesn’t tell much – other than the front brake situation. Utilizing something along the lines of TRP’s TTV brakes, he Norcom Straight’s front end looks nice and tidy. Compared to the D6, the lines of the Norcom appear a bit more linear, and less bulbous which probably results in better results in the wind tunnel hence the redesign. The Norcom Straight officially launches May 1st, we’ll be there to bring you the details.


  1. Please don’t bother with more of these fuzzy photos until you see a real leak or until it’s May 1. This is at least the second teaser photo from Fuji and it’s getting old. I think Fuji is overestimating how excited people are to see their first aero bike.

  2. Definitely the third…Does anyone even care? I’ve never heard anyone discuss Fuji bikes, and the lack of responses to the other 2 teasers may indicate the same. How exciting can another carbon aero bike with more marginal “gains” be? Surely not exciting enough to warranty 3 teasers and forthcoming actual release post that will come.

  3. Fuji’s are great. Their SST and Altamira CX machines are easily comparable to similar top-offerings of the big three – and less expensive too!

    Fuji is a good, and very old, US brand based in Philly. People there are nice and good to deal with -even going so far as to drive out 1.5 hours and hand-deliver a replacement frame when a local pro was caught up in a crash.

    I’m pretty stoked to see this machine. At very least it will put pressure on other manufacturers to reign in their aero-bike price-points.

    I have no affiliation with Fuji, nor do I ride one currently.

  4. The Cervelo P3 had almost ZERO pre-release hype. I believe there was an announcement last week that there would be a press release today. That bike will have a far, far bigger impact on the TT/Tri market.

    Though I will point out that @InsightTree made me realize that Fuji is an American company. I get the concept of keeping a brand name alive for recognition reasons, but I would think they would have a lot more success transitioning to a name that isn’t, oh, I don’t know, a mountain in Japan.

  5. P3 is a Tri bike – which they have an existing range of.

    This fuji release is a new ‘aero’ bike – along the lines of the Specialized Venge, FM099 on Alibaba, or most offerings from Storck.

    This is a new venture for the company, and as such they are promoting it – not any more or less than any other company. As an example, look at the Venge McLaren build – not a typical consumer bike but highly touted in media.

    A better comparison of advertorial effort would be the P3 to the Tri specific Fuji D-6 2.0 – which you haven’t even heard of because they haven’t made any press releases outside of the respective Tri arenas of interest.

    Effectively, from what I can tell, you are irritated that a brand of bikes that you know very little about is releasing a new vein of product with a couple of teaser images. Perhaps it isn’t the fact that Fuji is advertising (much less so than SRAM’s ‘leaked’ photos over the past year…), and moreso that you have a negative image of the Fuji brand?

    Again – I have no affiliation with Fuji, nor do I ride one currently. However, I will try this aero offering in order to put some metrics behind the design. You never know – it might be fantastic!

  6. Um… The Norcom Straight is a TT/Tri bike, so a comparison to the P3 is perfectly appropriate. Let’s hope Fuji/ASI at least bring some data to the table, because their previous efforts were pretty poor/vague.

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