Things to do in Gatlinburg, TN: hike the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, go to a Ripley’s museum, play Hillbilly Golf, get married, check out Dollywood in nearby Pigeon Forge (for your honeymoon, perhaps?), visit the Hollywood Star Cars Museum, go on a zipline tour, and plenty of mountain biking. This new set of flow trails from CLIMBWorks -a zipline tour operator- looks like fun for the whole family. The course is free from now until May 18th if you bring your own bike. Bike rentals are available for $45. After May 18th the course will be $25 for a 3-4 hour session, reservation only to keep the trails from getting too crowded – a good thing if you’re bringing the little ones along. From CLIMBWorks:

Sparked by IMBA dirt wizard Tony Boone and combined with our expertise in zip line and ropes course construction, CLIMB Works has developed an emerging trail construction crew. We’ve completed our first two-mile green flow trail, practice loop and pump track, with an extensive, purpose built trail system in sight. The trail is packed with rollers, logs, bridges, and berms, and features our flagship feature we affectionately call “The Curliest.” All are rideable for beginners, and rippable for experts.


  1. Wish we had anything like these trails in my area, all the trails in my town are super technical rocks and rocks and rocks and roots.

  2. Really?! 25 bucks to ride a wide open family friendly fireroad? I don’t think that will bring me to Gatlinburg anytime soon…

  3. Climbworks is leading the way!!!! Props to the man in charge…this is exactly what a man needs to get his family interested in biking…I will be in Gatlinburg so soon!!!


  4. I’d pay the 25$ just to ride that spiraling boardwalk a few times at the end of the trail! What we’d give to have trails like that near where I live, it would be awesome.

  5. 25 bucks a head is crazy….. I understand that whole area is a tourist trap but yikes I hope they come back to reality quickly 🙁

  6. No way Walt. Just look how super awesome it is. Jackson is going to have so much fun throwing his money away there on his awesome Gatlinburg vacation!

    PS- You better be careful. They’re going to delete your comment because you might hurt somebody’s feelings by calling that corkscrew stupid.

  7. I’m visiting Gatlinburg next month my wife’s family reunion…and now I have something to get really excited about. That’s going to be awesome.

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