Lezyne Digital Drive floor tire and shock pumps

Lezyne’s new digital floor pumps are available in standard high volume pump in Sport, CNC, Alloy and Steel Digital pumps. At the moment, they’re all high pressure (read: road tire) models, plus one for shocks.

Yes, a floor pump for suspension. It’s not the first time someone’s done it. It pumps 1/3 the air of a standard floor pump and goes to 300psi. Really, it’s aimed at team mechanics and others that have to set up a lot of forks and shocks. There’s wood handle and the pump head has a dual disconnect that lets you remove the head from the hose to disconnect without losing air pressure. Then you thread the head off the shock. An inline pressure release valve lets you bleed air a little at a time to set it just right. Retail is $109.99.

The other digital floor pumps start at $69.99, and all have a gauge is accurate to +/-3%.

Get pumped for some cool lights and tools after the break…

Lezyne Digital Drive floor tire and shock pumps

Lezyne Zecto and Zecto Pro front and rear and combo blinky bicycle lights

The new Zecto and Zecto Pro (center) are three-LED lights, with the Pro getting a combo of two white and one red bulb, all with higher lumen outputs than the standard model – the idea is that you can run it front or rear as needed. The MOR lenses are shaped to reflect the light better and brighter, and there’s clear sections on the sides for 170° visibilty and smaller battery indicator lamps. They’re housed in machined alloy casings with stretchy rubber straps. They have hidden USB charging ports and retail for $34.99 ($67.99/set) and $49.99 for the Pro.

Lezyne Deca Drive high intensity front bicycle lights

The Deca Drive is a 800 lumen version of the Mega Drive, retail is $159.99.

Lezyne Hecto front and rear USB rechargeable blinky bicycle lights

The Hecto Drive is a small, budget USB rechargeable light with 50 lumens on the front and 15 lumen rear. $34.00 each, or $67.99 for the set.

Two new tools, the 7 and 11, have just the basics, including a 2.5mm, T25 and T30 bits, and flat head, among others. They’re available in V and SV series.


  1. Dope on

    I have a Lezyn Alloy floor pump. It’s beautiful, it looks good, it’s shiny, it feels solid but there’s only one thing it doesn’t do – PUMP UP MY TIRES!
    Seriously… Is it just me? I find it to be absolutely worthless…
    It works on SOME threaded tubes where I can actually thread the end on to the tube.
    Even when I use the little pressure release valve, it still ends up pulling the valve stem out.
    It came with the little plastic “snap on” adapter but that’s completely useless. I’ve tried it on a few non threaded tubes and if I hold it in place perfectly square with one hand, I can pump up the tire with the other. If I snap it on and even position the valve where the pump head isn’t getting pulled or pushed at any weird angles, it still comes flying off as I’m pumping up the tire…

    Maybe it’s just me because people seem to love their pumps but for me, nothing works as good as my Topeak Joe Blow Pro… Now all Topeak needs to do is make a three footed base so it doesn’t constantly top over…


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