If you’ve done any race ruining with the Stevil crowd you probably know of Cheever and his sweet mullet. As the first installment in their series of “offbeat” product videos, PDW has Cheever show you how to really use a 3wrencho. Sure, you could also use it to change a flat or remove 15mm axle nuts, but eating peanut butter straight from the jar just seems so pro. Though, we’re guessing the raw 3wrencho might be a better eating utensil than the coated version.


  1. NotAMachinist on

    And switch to Simply JIF too. Healthier and tastes better than regular JIF but doesn’t congeal like that nasty “All Natural” stuff.

  2. NotAMachinist on

    And if his hair gets any thinner on top he’s going to be sporting a skullet in the near future.

    (I tease because I can. He’s probably a heckuva nice guy.)

  3. tkeaton on

    sweet helmet….

    come on bikerumor….we all know yall are on a hipster kick lately, but you should be setting a better example to the younger riders out there (all riders for that matter)

  4. SST on

    aaaarghhhh!!! helmets.. people survived over a hundred years riding without them.
    Who are you for trying to tell people to wear them.. so sick of this. America is all about doing what you want.. sometimes I wear one, sometimes I don’t..
    when’s the last time you worried about a couple black kids cruzing down the street on bmx bikes with no helment.. never.. thats when.
    so stop saying shit to adults about it. good lord goody two shoes.
    live and let live, live and let die.
    smash your head on a punk rock and ride into a fire.

  5. Texast on

    profit margins at PDW must be sky high with all that off the shelf Asian sourced stuff they peddle to hipsters. Why else would enyone spend that much energy patting themselves on the back with a pointless video of a hipster riding up to a vista with a full jar of PB, eating with a tire lever and savoring the flavor of Portlandia

  6. Psi Squared on

    Texast, the fact that that Asian sourced stuff is likely every bit as good as US or Europe sourced stuff aside, they likely made the video because they have a sense of humor, something a number of people have. There’s no apparent self-back patting in the video, but there does seem to be a lot of tongue in cheek action.

    Typed on my Asian sourced keyboard and viewed on my Asian sourced monitor.

  7. Warren Peats on

    Dear commenters: hey guess what? Nobody ever changed a thing by commenting about what some one else actually did. No one gives a sh*t what you think except other !%%holes. Way to not matter. Keep it up.

  8. Ben on

    Stevil, we love you. Any body know where I can find some “off the shelf Asian” sense of humor that I could market to some of you people?


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