QBP is recalling about 1,700 Salsa brand forks because they can bend above the disc brake mount.

The forks were sold separately and on the Salsa Vaya and Salsa La Cruz framesets and complete bikes from February 2011 through June 2012. The chromoly Salsa Vaya forks are orange or dark gray, and the La Cruz bicycle forks are black. Both have “CWI” stamped on the steerer tube, with a batch code just below that. Salsa Vaya forks stamped with the batch codes 2011 02 21, 2011 04 11, 2011 06 14 and 2011 09 09 and all Salsa La Cruz forks stamped with the batch codes 2011 03 01, 2011 04 08, 2011 05 30 and 2011 09 09 are affected.

Riders should immediately stop using the forks and contact Salsa for inspection and replacement/refund.


  1. Pete on

    Thanks, Tyler. I just got off the phone with one of the Salsa guys and had a great conversation but the punchline was to check the steerer tube and they’ll make arrangements to swap out the fork if needed… pretty much what you have posted here 🙂

  2. Mr.Auer on

    Yeah, steel is real… “it may bend above the brake mount”..
    If this was a carbon fork, it would say “it may suddenly snap in half with catastrophic results”.

    I have one Vaya fork, just checked it and luckily it is newer than the recalled ones 😉


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