DZR Zurich BootIn the wide world of cycling, cool SPD shoes is a misnomer. There are hundreds of shiny, neon colored, tap dance shoes available,  but the only company who seems to have slick kicks dialed is San Francisco based DZR.

So after addressing the dire state of cycling footwear chic for the everyman, the company has turned their vision towards female fashionistas. These full length Zurich boots, made of synthetic leather, are the first SPD compatible shoes of their kind. Only 50 pairs were made available at $199 a pop and it appears they sold out in a hurry!

Interested in a pair for yourself or a loved one? Let DZR know in our comments section.


  1. I’m still waiting for biker specific MTB shoes for men for those of us that ride flats. 5ten stuff looks atrocious to me since I’m not a teenager.

  2. @Ryan

    Have you checked out Teva? My high top links (Zach just posted a long term review of the low tops) have been rad. Comfortable, high quality, and they’ve lasted months of daily abuse.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t found a street inspired set of shoes that were upto the challenge. I’ve destroyed Nike 6.0s, 5Ten Spitfires, Vans, etc… in under 3 months.

    – Saris

  3. PLEASE make me a pair DZR! I have loved these ever since I saw them, and they’ve been sold out since as well. Being a woman in the industry, I can tell you that although softer-soled casual shoes aren’t always as effective as a carbon-soled vented cycling shoes, there is an incredible market for them.

  4. I think that the cleats make these more appropriate for a sub to wear. Goose stepping would be more comfortable in jump boots. I’m thinking more towards suspension, dousing, maybe get two pairs and some old egg beaters, and stick a couple of girls together by their soles like lego minifigs.

  5. @Ryan I own the 5.10 Minnar shoes, they are nice and looks like any pair of shoes, are comfortable in and out of the bike, the only complain is they are little heavy. Also I own the Giro, these are nice and comfortable but lighter than the 5.10. I ride these kind of shoes with a pair of Straitline AMP and the grip is very good.

  6. I’d love a pair of those! I also know some mountain biking hotties in Miami that would love them too! Hard Tail Honies need those boots!

  7. YES!!!! I MUST HAVE A PAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These would be SO AWESOME to wear!! PLEASE make more!!! I would wear them in the Fall and Winter – and my friends would be jealous – and then want a pair!! : )))

  8. I know this is an older article, but i was looking for something. @Ryan mentioned that he has trouble finding shoes since “he’s not a teenager.” I agree that sometimes the Chromes for instance are more sneaker-like. Have you seen ?? They have several dif types that are more formal, some looking kind of like (excuse my description) timberline-lumberjack shoes and others that are much more formal leathery dress shoes. I admit that online in the photos they kind of look like bowling shoes, but shoes don’t really photo well – and I’ve seen the at bike shops. Really swanky.

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