2014 Manitou long travel trail suspension forks and shocks teaser

It’s been quite a while now since Manitou has had a long travel single crown fork, and there’s nothing in the current range to compete with modern trail/enduro offerings like the Pike or Float. Currently, the range is mostly 100-120, with a couple 140 options, but all with 32mm stanchions. Until you get to the Dorado. No more Stance, Nixon or Sherman in the line. Not for long, though, if our spidey senses are correct!


  1. TPC+ please!!!!

    Position sensitive damping.

    Nixon with TPC+ was the best fork I’ve had. It wouldn’t dive, but would still track even the smallest of terrain. And then it could take the big hits. Had it for 6 years. From bike park to XC racing.


  2. the current iteration of the dorado is one of the best DH forks out there… i sure hope they match the high quality and performance with the new stuff as they did with the new dorado

  3. Can’t wait! i hope it’s a TPC+ based system like the Dorado. Shim based seems to be all the rage now! simple and easy to work on.

  4. @rode – your wish already has been granted. i believe xfusion’s current vengeance can do all you mentioned in a damn fine manner.

  5. ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME!!!!!!!! My Nixon is just about dead and beside a new X-Fusion to match what I have on my Scapegoat already I wasn’t excited about anything on the market right.

    Manitou whats it gonna be?

    34-36mm Stanchions
    160mm plus travel
    20mm TA
    Taper or non-taper

    Marzocchi is cleaning up their line and bringing new models to market, about friggin time Manitou got it together.

  6. BEHOLD!
    I recently phoned with someone from the business and they had talk with Manitou because of their 2014 bikes and so Manitou gave some Details of the fork inners.
    The Air Enduro Forks will have

    the damping of the dorado!!!!!


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