Details are skimpy, but potential is promising for the On-One 45650b.  The 26 version of the 456 is available in steel, titanium, and carbon models.  The tube sizing in this pic makes me guess steel, but given the Baby Fatty, you never know what they’ll do next.  On-One reports that the wheels of the 45650b with 2.4″ Continental Mountain King tires measure 28.1″ in diameter while the front end with a 150mm travel fork is the same height as their Titus Fireline with a 120mm 29er fork and wheel.  Soooo, it’s very, very similar to a 29er, but with a bit more travel and agility?  That doesn’t sound so bad.


  1. Basically the same tubeset as our 456 Evo2… so that’s a 30.9mm ID seat tube for dropper posts, new externally butted top tube, this one has a 44mm head tube too.
    Chainstay length at 430mm gives a really nice balance and tyre clearance. Rides great.

  2. I run a current 456 carbon with 650b and 140mm fork. Tons of clearance and handles great. Interested to see how they change the geo.

  3. I wish On-One spent more time producing bikes rather than messing around making prototypes.

    What about the El Guapo 29? Codeine? Those have had similar announcements to this one, yet since then, there has not been a peep.

    Or even their currently produced bikes. They have been out of their bog-standard 456 EVO frame for a while. Stock on the 29 Inbred has been flakey as well. Why such low stock on existing products that seem to be popular?

    I am not trashing On-One at all, don’t take me wrong. I love their products (currently rocking out on a beautiful blue 456 EVO with Marzocchi 44 RC3 EVO Ti), I worry that the way their going, they may not last too long. Spend more time making bikes, less time prototyping. We love what your current offerings, don’t neglect them!

  4. Also, about the new 456 EVO version 2.
    I appreciate the new, dropper compatible seattube (30.9). But why not go all the way and fully mondernize the bike? A straight 44 headtube is a must, as it allows many more fork options (those with tapered steerers).

  5. Mike, I read somewhere (facebook?) that it does have a 44 headtube. I’m guessing they’re aren’t too many, if any, 650b forks around with straight steerers, anyway.

  6. a major u turn from Brant, who has never seen the merits of 650 before and someone who was very vocal about this wheel size not needing to exist. well some humble pie needs to eaten i guess?? never had then vision to back in it in the early days but jumping on the bandwagon when sales are at risk!

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