JENS VOIGHT Trek Custom BikeJens Voight just built a beautiful new road bike and shared several photos with his twitter followers. First we drooled, then we collected them for a post.

Drop past the break to see all the neat details Trek painted on his new ride….

JENS VOIGHT Trek Custom ToptubeAlong the top tube, the people who matter most…Jens Voight Shut Up Legs

Mother Fucking JENS VOIGHT Trek Custom

JENS VOIGHT Trek Custom East germanyJens grew up in East Germany. The flag celebrates his first 18 years of civic pride.Jens Voigt Custom Trek Road Bike ChainstayThe inside chainstay documents the teams he has raced for during his storied career. Jens Voight Custom Trek Peace Race

Notice the bird on the headtube? Picasso’s Dove of Peace is the symbol of the Peace Race. According to Jens, it’s a “big thing in Eastern Europe”.

JENS VOIGHT Trek CustomWorld Champ stripes make everything look better.

For more, check out Jens Voights Twitter. Interested in a custom pain job of your own? Check out Treks Project One  website!


  1. @What? – I am with you. I never expected to see that on his bike and sure seems out of character for him. I guess you never know.

  2. It’s a term of endearment…. Don’t read into it too much. If you loose respect for someone that has a very little bad word on their bike rather than who they are, you’re doing it wrong.

  3. First off, It was a tribute bike made by Trek for Jens. I don’t believe that Jens designed the bike. Secondly, it is a quote from an interview during the Tour of California this year, after Jens won the stage on an amazing signature Jens breakaway. Finally, it seems silly to discount a persons character based on something so trivial as colorful language.

  4. ……it is homage to the fans that showed up wearing that on a t-shirt… is the ultimate compliment to how much his real fans matter to him. You should respect the choice versus the phrase….

  5. Man…I can’t believe one of my favorite riders put “S*** Up” on his bike, on the downtube no less. That term is super offensive in some contexts. Not sure how I feel about this.

  6. You know, some cultures don’t have such puritanical notions when it comes to words. I have many German friends and they don’t get American’s attitude toward certain words. Cut the dude some slack. You being offended is your problem, not his.

  7. @reynard
    My feelings exactly. My wife is Colombian, not only is she always amazed at how prudish Americans are, she just doesn’t understand our issues with swear words. When little babies start saying bad words in Spanish, their parents and family laugh.

    Also, if you are Native American, black, white, yellow, or green, don’t head to South America. They might call you black, or white, or yellow, and laugh when they do, especially if you get offended. Just an FYI

  8. I don’t know where the origin of the quote is, but it’s said the “wrong” way.

    “Jens MF Voigt” would be a badass

    “MF Jens Voigt” connotes a d-bag

    (and for anyone out there there on teh internetz who takes this post too seriously, please don’t)

  9. I wish I was privileged enough to have “MF XRIS Voight” painted on my bike. I’d have it on the back of my jersey in big bold letters too!

  10. Common, the guy was referring to himself in a humorous way in an interview, “I’m Mother F***ing Jens Voigt”. Say that to yourself in your best Jens German accent and it’s really quite funny. If you’ve lost respect because of that then you should have never been a Jens fan to start with. Maybe Lance is more your type of rider…

  11. Why are so many offended by one person not liking the “MF” comment on the bike? If you have such thin skin please do not travel to South America for goodness sake!

  12. MFin’ Jens Voigt. Hell yeah.

    You Americans with your underpants in a bunch got the rest of us looking bad. He said it himself, as a joke.

  13. People talking about people being offended by Motherf*cking jens bike need to step back and realize some people dont like that kind of language, and thats their choice, and they are allowed to express their distaste in it. The only thing I find offensive is it is a p.o.s trek… but everybody has their opionon right?

  14. Some people on this post need to chill out…Go Jens, love the graphics, love his riding and I am going to miss seeing him drilling the rest of the try hards!

  15. Well, Jens said it so why not put it on the the top tub (discretely). After all, that’s how he got so many kids…. A class act in the peloton and the best guy to watch on a breakaway. Too bad it says Trek on it. I miss him and Cancellara on Cervelo’s. That was the day!

  16. Guy is a stud in more ways than one. A hero to me for making some boring stages pretty damn exiting. MF, Jens you are bad old man.

  17. All Jens needs now is a mother f’n beard!!!
    Bicycle racing is not PC. And it is better that way. It is not an American sport. That is why it doesn’t have to be PC. I think here in America, we try not to offend anyone. That is bull. That means we are not saying what we think, we are walking on eggshells and we don’t live. I think everyone above me has the right to their opinion. I think Jens or Trek has the right to put whatever he/they want on the bike. It is awesome tribute to a great father and bike racer. Let’s grow up, try to get along and for crying out loud get out and ride our bikes!!!!
    I’m Capt’n Red Beard III and I approve this mother f’n message.

  18. Don’t the rather unexciting and plain bikes from Trek seem much more “hardcore” by throwing a few f-bombs in the paint jobs? Their athletes (who are great riders) are referenced as Katie F’in Compton and Mother F**kin’ Jens Voigt on a broader, more casual and more often basis then what was previously done. Yes, Katie F’in Compton was a referenced often but not to the degree that has once she signing with Trek.

    Trek, in my opinion, is viewed by a lot of riders as the vanilla of bike companies. I believe this is a marketing attempt to make owning Trek seem a little more rebellious than their current perception would allow.

  19. maybe change the post to say “Jens was just presented with this beautiful bike”. Saying he built it really takes a crap on everyone supporting him – from the mechanic who built it up all the way back to the engineer designing the layup…

  20. LOL@ the people offended. It’s people like Jens Voigt and Cedric Garcia who makes me love this sport. They keep things lively and exciting.

  21. As a US citizen, and Jens Voigt fan… I say “Hell Yeah!” to the “MF” quote on his bike!! Jens’ humor (and maybe some of his die-hard fans) is definitely something some people are missing here. sheesh.

  22. Too much crap on this bike renders everything pretty much meaningless. reminds me of the “flair” worn by waiters at certain chain restaurants. This is just a redux of those awful Armstrong bikes with the icons.

    What a pile of crap.

  23. You think MotherF*cking is bad, you should see what it says on the back of his iPod! As George Carlin (an American) would have said: “[deleted]”

  24. I think it’s great to see riders like him being celebrated by their sponsors. The bike has things HE said and things that HE loves on it. I’m sure he’s very happy with it. We can put whatever we like on our own bikes.

  25. Everyone realizes this is just a bicycle, there are more pressing issues in the world than arguing on a forum concerning language…really?

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