KCNC’s glass shelves housed a few new parts, all carefully machined and colorfully anodized to make your bike brighter and lighter. While there weren’t any insanely light bits like last year, it was still worth a stop.

Above, new thru axles are available for 15mm and 20mm front forks (likely Rockshox & Fox), and the rear will get 12×142 replacements. In the background are new two-piece brake rotors to help carry the color coordination across the entire bike.


Their mini pumps get a new flexible hose optional add on.


Prototypes of their wide range cassettes have been a staple on weight weenie showcase builds for quite some time now. The news here is that they’re finally in production!


Even KCNC has jumped into the Garmin mount game with pivoting, sliding alloy options in an array of colors.

Unfortunately, those 11- and 12-speed derailleurs were nowhere to be seen.


  1. Secondary colors are really hard to anodize consistently. Anodized parts are already a niche project (very attractive to very few people). I’d imagine with companies like kcnc, Chris king, Paul, etc quality of machining is just as much a priority as consistency of aesthetics.

  2. KCNC also had nice, colourful smartphone holders on display, machined from aluminium.

    I’ve had the chance to visit their factory in November 2011. And what I saw was a well-organized, small company. About 50 employees, a new building housing the administration, a warehouse, assembly and shipping and the old sheet-metal building filled with a lot of CNC machines. They really only do CNCing, both the forging and anodizing are outsourced.

  3. Would be nice to see someone manufacture a replacement for the Trek ABP 142×12 rear through-axle. The OEM part is not very well engineered.

    You would have trouble convincing me to replace my Fox through-axle though, with its excellent internal cam design.

  4. Steel is an alloy. Brass is an alloy. Aluminum exists as an element first, and is alloyed only to make stuff. Can we stop using “alloy” when we mean aluminum? Thanks.

  5. More importantly– this stuff looks righteous. Red ano is like bacon. Bacon makes everything better. So does red ano. And beer, but mostly red ano. Purple, that’s a little to far left of center for my tastes, but, you’re all welcome to your opinions.

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