KMC DLC Diamond Like Coating black bicycle chains now come in colors

KMC has had an all-black DLC chain in the line for at least a year. They say the “Diamond Like Coating” helps the chain last 20% longer than normal. The standard model is the X11SL DLC, part of their lightweight chain collection, and is all black with inner and outer plates all coated.

Now, they’re offering colored versions with the inner plates getting a different, colored coating. The Turquoise shown above was for a Bianchi sponsored pro team and will come in 11-speed only. The blue and red shown after the break will be offered in 10- and 11-speed versions. Price is €100.

KMC DLC Diamond Like Coating black bicycle chains now come in colors


  1. Porn,

    Yes, you can go up a size in chain. I have done it for years. It is quieter, smoother and the chain and cogs last longer. I currently run a gold KMC 11 on my xtr 2 x 10 system.

  2. I could have sworn that I saw these at KMC booth at the Tour of California in 2012. But maybe they weren’t being generally distributed then…

  3. Mcr,
    I was speaking in general wear. Not specifically with this chain. The chain being narrower than a standard sized one, the chain doesn’t rub the sides of the cogs as much. Which makes the chain and cogs last longer. And there is less noise due to this also.

  4. The black and red 10 speed DLC chain has been available for quite some time now (in addition to the all black that was mentioned in the article), I was using one up until recently. In my opinion it wore quite well for how light it was, but then again I clean and lubricate my chains frequently. I’ve also seen black and pink versions that were available this past season, and I’m not surprised that KMC is now doing a few new colors.
    I did not have any issues with the DLC 10 speed chain, I did not notice any excess or undue wear on the cogs (PG-1070). Since I was running a 1x, I did replace my chainring when I changed out the chain (now trying a stainless Wipperman) but I was happy to try a different size ring anyway. At the end of its wear-life, the chain was missing the coating where it was contacting shift points, but that is to be expected. I think that if you are looking for something that stands out a little but still has high performance and durability, it’s worth the extra money you’ll spend (the only caveat being that if you are not maintaining your drivetrain then you are wasting money no matter what chain you buy, forgive me for saying so).

    Overall, I had a good experience. You may find the same, but weigh your expectations carefully if you’re on the fence about pricing. I would say that the color is extremely cool, and at the time it was a deciding factor for my build.

  5. anders: the color of the chain has nothing to do with its ability to get dirty, or to be cleaned.

    i like the idea of dlc coated chains. my issue with it, however, is that these chains are coated AFTER assembly, and the overlapping parts of the chain are not coated. that’s the most important part IMO.

    i think it’s Yaban, or Soul Chain, that makes a ti nitride coated chain with the parts coated before assembly.

  6. If the coating isn’t on the pins, rollers etc. then it won’t make the chain wear longer, it’ll just look prettier for longer… More rubbish!

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