Sturmey Archer 5 Speed Hub

New for 2014, Sturmey Archer has the C50 5 speed hub range.  The final details are still being worked out, but for now, four models are planned.  They include an option for a coaster brake, drum brake, disc brake, and a freewheel model (rim brake).  The overall gear range is 242% and is achieved with a new rotary gear set (read: no indicator chain).  They hubs will be load shiftable, and should be easy to adjust.

Two speed disc hubs and a funky dyno after the page break.

Sturmey Archer 5 Speed Hub 2


Sturmey IB13

In their booth, they also had this oddly specific “front” hub that features a drum brake and dyno.  It’s primary use is for the rear wheel on tadpole recumbent trikes.  It has the moniker XL-SDD and no release date or price is available as of now.

Sturmey Archer S2k Disc Hub

There’s also a new two speed disc Sturmey Archer S2K hubs.  It comes in both 135mm and 120mm spacings.  Which builder is going to make that 120mm spaced two speed disc SS (fixie?) first?  Those TRP single speed hydro levers would really round out the build!


  1. Gunnstein on

    “oddly specific “front” hub that features a drum brake and dyno. It’s primary use is for the rear wheel on tadpole recumbent trikes”

    Huh? Almost all tadpole recumbent trikes use perfectly normal rear (driven) hubs. The market for parts for front wheel drive tadpoles is as close to zero as can be. Delta trikes are also overwhelmingly rear wheel drive.

    Don’t see what’s odd about the dynamo & drum brake combo, would be practical for a huge amount of city bikes of all kinds.

  2. Gunnstein on

    BTW, the comment form keeps showing the error “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!” and I’m not double clicking. Please fix.

  3. tomatocity on

    I am interested in building a new Urban bike and the 5speed would allow me to venture into the hills with the same bicycle. Like the idea of internal especially with the brakes. Clean and simple cable routing and adjustments.

  4. John Allen on

    Hmm — I’ve been riding Sturmey-Archer S5 hubs now since 1980 and just bought a new X-RF5(W), with a 256% range. The 2014 hubs have hub is the rotary shifting, which is good because nothing sticks out, and bad because then you can’t suirt oil into the end of the axle. What is the overlocknut of the 5-speeds? The X-RF5-W works with older, narrow-speced frames.

  5. Alex P on

    Sturmey look to be upping their game a bit with these offerings! Gotta be careful not to up the price with it though! The main attraction of the current generation 5 speeds is that they are a price point below shimano alfine etc. Too pricey and people won’t be interested.

    Bearing and seal specs will also be interesting. Anyone who wants to ride these hubs long distance will want a very smooth running unit. Lets hope they sort out some of the gremlins too – but I suspect most of that will be taken care of with the new rotary selection set up – definitely a good move in terms of progress.

    Really looking forward to hearing more details and will be putting one of these on the spec sheet of my classic 60’s steel restoration project (ditching the 2×5 derailleur set-up for a cleaner chainline and better brakes)

  6. Cameron Sawzin on

    I have the older version and Dan Sorger, who owns DB city bikes was hoping , as would I that they would be lighter or smaller! They add so much weight to these, Bikes. My hub actually broke and Dan has to order a new one anyway!


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