Unicyclists Ryan Kremsater and Jacob Spera might not actually be mountain goats but they may as well be mythical creates of some sort. They’re landing jumps and crossing skinnies that most of us wouldn’t consider (being of sound mind) on two wheels!

P.s. Wheelsize whiners – Ryan is rocking a 26″ uni and Jacob is sporting a 24.” Both are running 150mm cranks.


  1. Derek on

    I’m a little ignorant when it comes to unicycling, but they have brakes at least, right? And there is no way to coast? That’s gotta make it extremely hard to land a drop.

  2. Ed R on

    No doubt that is takes talent and dedication to unicycle at that level but I can’t watch these guys without hearing organ music and looking for the big red nose.


    Huge balls. Serious skill. Seems a little like rollerblading mixed with rodeo riding. And they shouldn’t have edited out all the good wrecks on some of those landings.

  4. MB on

    Looks like both are running rim brakes, and yes no coasting would make those moves very difficult. Kudos to them and their wheel builders!!

  5. Wheel Size on

    Don’t these guys realize the benefits of upgrading to a 29’er on their unis?

    What?!?! We can’t apply wheel size debates to unicycles too? Trolls be slippin.

  6. Pat P on

    Why not use a real bike ? Faster, funnier, do-it-all and much better looking. It’s like bodyboarding. Why not surfing instead ? Weird sports…

  7. Lewis on

    Muni is the most fun sport I’ve ever done & WAY better workout than mtb. There is a handle on the front of the seat. Now they have disc breaks but they were riding this stuff for years w/o any. All unis are fixed gear and most 1 speed (including Ryan &J Jacob). There is a 2 spd hub but it wouldn’t B strong enough for these guys & it costs over $1k.


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