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While many show goers were drooling over the latest Enduro this, and fatbike that, there was as always a steady stream of shop guys stopping by the Park Tool booth to see what’s new. Often having the right tool means getting the job done or not, so as new standards crop up vigilance among the tools is a must. While there were certainly a few tools you could do without (a spork?), most of the new products from Park are needed improvements over previous models, or fill a void in the range.

Check out why you may need truing stand adapters (again) after the break.

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Remember when 29ers were “new” and the wheels didn’t fit in truing stands without taking off the tires? It appears we’re right back where we started, only this time with fatbikes. The TS2.2 truing stand was modified to fit 29ers, but it wasn’t designed to fit the new 190mm wide fatbike hubs. So the TS-2 EXT.2 extensions have been reworked to not only fit 29ers on the original TS 2 truing stands, but allow for the TS 2.2 to fit hubs from 180-200mm wide. The dome shapes on the inside of the adapters also serve to hold thru axles with no need for additional adapters in the hubs.

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With the advent of 9 and even 10 (!) speed freewheels, a longer freewheel tool is needed to get to the splines. Enter the new FR-1.2.

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Ok, show of hands – who bought the original dummy pedal only to be disappointed because it wouldn’t stay in the crank arm and resorted to making your own threads/using tape, etc to keep it in place? While it should have been done from the get go, the new DP has a short stack of threads to keep it in place. Problem solved.

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Nothing major, but the new MLP-1.2 master link pliers open and close 5-11 speed chains.

Park Tool new tools Interbike Spork20130918_0138

A favorite of many shop mechanics, the trusty 3-way has gotten a slightly less blingy, shop quality upgrade with the AWS-15. Built with a forged aluminum 2 piece body, the wrenches are made from Protanium steel and are replaceable.

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These gloves are sort of a crossover product with Park claiming they’re good for both wrenching and riding. The include a fleece brow wipe, and touch screen compatibility on the thumb and index finger. You’re still going to want to bust out the Nitrile for disc brake and suspension work though…

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New standards – new tools. The BBT-29 fits Dura Ace 9000, XTR 980, and FSA MegaEvo threaded BB cups.

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Shops that do a lot of BMX will love this – a metric quad wrench for all your pegged needs. The MQ-1 includes forged 15/17 and 19mm sockets as well as a 3/8″ socket drive for a wild card. No more searching for the one extension the shop has that was last used to fish out a dropped screw from under a bench.

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Another tool simply filling a void is the SCW-26 cone wrench. Previously cone wrenches went from 24-28mm, now you can purchase a single 26mm for things like suspension caps.

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Park Tool new tools Interbike Spork20130918_0132

Park Tool new tools Interbike Spork20130918_0136 Park Tool new tools Interbike Spork20130918_0134

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There were a number of other tools announced including a nice snap ring pliers set, a nipple driver for up to 50mm deep rims, an 8 and 10mm metric flare wrench for compression nuts on hydraulic lines (the closed but open shape will keep the wrench from slipping off the nut but still fit over the brake line), a forged Shimano spoke wrench for 4.3 and 3.75mm nipples, and finally a 4 and 5 bolt BCD gauge.


  1. Ajax on

    The amount of stupid stuff that some companies make.

    A spork?! Just dumb. It’s like Campy making a wine corkscrew remover and charging $200 for it. It’s called, wake up Park. Stick to tools. And while you are at it, fix that god awful centering thing on your top o the line wheel Truing stand. It sucks.

  2. R0b0tAt0ms on

    I think the spork is quirky and fun. I have used their BBQ set for years and absolutely love it. They’re immediately recognizable by other cyclists, and are a talking piece to those poor souls who don’t ride and are curious.

  3. Gonzoredneck on

    The Pizza Cutter. Ya’ll remember that one? Still have mine. Still use it.

    Besides, everyone needs a Park Spork to go with a campy Peanut butter wrench.

  4. Alex on

    One park engineer says to the other – “I hate how my spoon bends when i’m eating ice cream” the other responds – “let’s make a spork then” “haha, ok”

    Lighten up Ajax.

  5. Dyno-mite! on

    Let me get technical and type that the flare wrench has 6 points of contact with the nut to prevent rounding of the corners on a brass fitting.
    Thank you.

  6. Slow Joe Crow on

    I like the gloves and I think the spork is amusing, but I’d rather see the toilet paper holder brought back so I can upgrade my bathroom.
    BTW Park’s wrenches for Shimano spokes are pretty expensive, the best value for home or light shop use is the Pro multihead wrench that has heads for all 4 Shimano spoke nipples plus standard spokes, and a bladed spoke holder.

  7. MikeC on

    While my Optimus Ti spork is still serviceable, I am intrigued by Park’s probably heavier, yet tool-dip-handled stainless offering. Perchance I shall purchase one. I was just thinking the other day, “Man, this titanium spork is fantastic, but I really need a spork with more vertical and lateral rigidity.” Kudos Park’s way for filling that niche of non-weight-weenie, yet quality spork-ware.

  8. BShow on

    I have one of those stupid campy corkscrews and it’s by far the nicest corkscrew I’ve ever used. These random household items made by tool companies are not only superior to many of the items made by actual houshold companies. While I dont have much need for a nice spork, I think its’ pretty cool and I’m sure it’s the one of the nicer sporks in existence.

  9. scott on

    The pizza cutter is probably one of Park’s best selling items.

    I had a $35 titanium camping spork forever. It was one of the best things I ever owned.

    I look forward to getting a Park spork.

  10. Chainwhipped on

    Sorry, but a tool company making silverware is absurd.
    (ab·surd: Adj.; wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.)

    How about Park Tool toothbrush, or maybe a Park Tool curtain rod? Oooh, oooh! A Park Tool Rectal Thermometer!

  11. Tom on

    I got something to complain about, SCW-26. How is that a good idea? Its gonna mar the crap out of that alloy top cap with two points of minimal contact. Just go buy a cheap 6 point box wrench that will hold the topncap better by any measure. Or use a socket. Park cone wrenches suck to begin with, now this? I’m not going to buy it. And this isn’t going to alter my perspective on this beautiful day. Time to go for a ride!

  12. Sam on

    The Spork might be popular with the touring crowd that refuse to go to a multi-sport shop.
    I personally prefer my fork/spoon/knife/corkscrew/can-opener utility knife thing.


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