The ride that started out as Jeremiah Bishop’s Alpine training loop, has turned into something much more. Something bigger. Originally created as the toughest training ride he could conceive, Jeremiah now shares his journey with a number of cyclists in an annual fundraising ride in Harrisonburg, Virginia that this year supported the Northend Greenway, Plan Our Park, The Prostate Cancer Awareness Project, and the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition. The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo video was created by Adventure Seen and the Joe Foley Photography team.

Thanks to the crew at Shenandoah Bicycle Company for sending this over!



  1. ascar larkinyar on

    gran fondo has turned into the feel good brother hood of lets all get together under a umbrella of ride my roads, but pay a lot of money for it and even though it’s a ride, try to race some slower guys than you and make them feel bad.

    i like Jeremiah Bishop even though twice i have seen him at my local races flat, fix his flat and leave his trash/tube on the side of the race course. strong enough to beat local winners, but not enough to win national stuff.

    i would poach this ride. it’s not a race dude.

  2. jeremiah bishop on

    Ascar, as a volunteer on road side clean up i would never ever leave trash on a race course and it is a unspoken rule of honor in mountain biking!

    In fact i just thought about it and since our team exclusive runs tubeless there is no trash when I get a flat at races anyway!!!!! 😉 I am sorry but you might have seen some trash near where i was but i am 100% sure it was not mine. Our event is about creating a good time for everyone and generating money and publicity for Prostate Cancer Awareness Project and safe routes to schools and for safe commuting.

    Jeremiah Bishop

    Two time USA National Champion 😉
    Pan American Games Gold and Bronze Medalist.

    Athlete ambassador USADA
    Team IMBA member
    World Bicycle Relief Athlete
    NICA Honorary Board Member

    picker upper of people race trash. .

  3. boroboonie on

    Couldn’t make it this year but epicly suffered in it last year. One of the best rides I’ve ever done. Definitely something everyone should do! JB is the quintessential man’s man too!


  4. ascar larkinyar on

    @jeremiah bishop 3 years ago at red rocks in southern utah while you raced for the cannondale/monavie team. i happen to come up behind you on a very open dessert downhill part of the course. you had just finished fixing your flat and left the tube and trash from changing it on the side of the trail

    i would have asked you to pick it up, but i could not catch a pro level riders, even going downhill. after speaking with the race promoter, he said not to worry that he would tell the course sweeper to pick up your trash. seemed trivial at the time. but then….

    i remember the year before you did the same thing at a canadian race that i was spectating. i even took pics and posted them on a local canadian blog, but they took them down. pretty sure you went straight in a turn and went over the bars. i remember cause i don’t see very well and do that a lot.

    it’s not really a big deal and i am sure you were more concerned with racing than polluting. just seems kinda lame that you feel obligated to defend yourself. go promote your fondo, that’s probably more important. maybe levi can give you some pointers, he makes tons of money on his.


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