Dakine Riding Fanny PackAll hail the return of the 80’s. A quick trip to the Dakine booth at Interbike had us feeling like we must have hit 88MPH in the RyderEyewear Delorean but somehow this time around – everything was way cooler. For 2014, the Oregon based company with the Hawaiian name was showing off an extensive line of both men and women’s product in svelte color schemes and bold retro patterns.

Up first, was their new fanny pack  Enduro Hip Pack. We’re not sure if these “hip packs” are making a return because thrift store browsing hipsters took up cycling  or because trail riding moto bros have finally shown us the light, but we’re told pairing a hip pack and a bike with water bottle cages is a great alternative for those who hate riding with traditional hydration packs.

Dakine Enduro Hip Fanny Pack InteriorAs always, Dakine has put a great deal of attention into providing convenient stash pockets for all your trail essentials. Pick yours up in black or camo for $50. Dakine Wrench Button Up ShirtBrap’n on, we have the $60 Wrench Shirt being expertly modeled by Chris Vaday. The lightweight, quickdry, polyester button up does double duty by keeping you fresh at the shop and on the trails. Dakine Oakridge Flannel and Full Throttle JerseyOn the left, the $75 antimicrobial Oakridge Flannel has been updated with new colors, but the bro stops at the Full Throttle Jersey. The affordable new $50 jersey is available in a range of colors – just in case camo isn’t your thing – and is designed around a light antimicrobial polyester. The invisible side zipper pocket and reflective logos are some of the little details that owners of this jersey will also appreciate.

Dakine Ladies Jerseys

Dakine Ladies Riding ShortsDakine also has a very large selection of gear for the fairer sex. Everything from tops, jackets, flannels, gloves, and backpacks,  have been adopted for ladies needs and fashion sensibilities.

Dakine Glove Backs

Whether you prefer ultra thin gloves or some with a little  knuckle protection, Dakine has you covered. The glove on the far right use the same Poron tech as G-Form to go from flexible to protective on impact.Dakine Touchscreen Gloves

Their entire line of gloves is also touch screen compatible.

Dakine Camo Tailpad

For those who really likes the multistripped Palapa tailgate, we hate to deliver bad news, but we do have some good news for truck owners who love camo! Prices for the two different pad sizes remains the same at  $110 MSRP, but the new version now has padded Velcro straps along the top to anchor frames.Dakine Bike Soft BoxThe last big item from Dakine was this thoroughly revamped soft bike box. Compatible with all three current popular wheelsizes, the bag has separate fork, rear triangle and tire pockets. When not in use, the box can be folded down to a quarter of it’s packed size.

For more, visit Dakine


  1. I’m sold on hip packs (+water bottles in cages) for all of my under-2-hour MTB rides. Love having cargo weight low on my back (and, no, I don’t like those new Camelbaks with the horizontal reservoirs).

    Do you really need a Camelbak HAWG for your 30-minute jaunt down the flat paved trail to the coffee shop, douchebag?

  2. I’ve used a Karimor ‘hip-pack’ for maybe 10 years now…very convenient for shorter MTB rides, and I like it for road bike rides as well – it’s much more secure for wallet and phone than a normal jersey pocket, and MUCH quieter (less rattling) than a saddle bag. IME these packs work best if you have them cynched quite tight low down around your hip bones (probably helps to be skinny), rather than your waist, as it more comfortable, more stable, and doesn’t interfere with breathing.

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