All images c. Andrew Zuckerman

Originally expected to go for $15,000 to 20,000 at a Sotheby’s auction, this prototype Cinelli Laser Nostra was sold for a whopping $47,500. There’s more to the story than just a hugely expensive bike however. First, the bike was ridden to victory in the 2011 Red Hook Crit by Neil Bezdek. As a borrowed bike from Antonio Columbo himself (the owner of Columbus tubing and Cinelli bikes), Neil hopped on the Laser and rode it to victory after finishing 2nd the past two races. Second, the bike was sold in a RED charity auction that was put on by U2 star Bono with proceeds going to the fight against AIDS.

Just what does a $47,500 bike look like? See it after the jump.

130305RD_cenalli_bike_048_dark key_revOriginally created as a prototype for the special Anniversary edition of the Laser, with 21 bicycles that were released in 2012. The beautiful Columbus Niobium steel frame was signed by Columbo himself and was paired with a carbon fork plastered with numerous Columbus tubing decals both new and old. The bike weighed in at 16.5 pounds (7.5kg) and can be seen racing to victory on Neil’s own bike mounted camera.


  1. @billly

    I think the bars would collide with the frame if you’d try and barspin, also the reversed angle of the fork would maybe make the tire hit the frame.
    Then again a bike for 47K is not for riding but for bragging…

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