All the shiny new bikes and components in the world won’t make a bit of difference if you don’t have the energy to ride them. Sure, whole foods are best, but a solid sports nutrition program helps put the finishing touches your hard training and ensures you have what you need on the road and on the trail. And sometimes we just like a little snack. Fortunately, there’s something for everyone one with the latest entries from LG, Cytosport, Kinetic Koffee, Supercandy and more.

While a Maple Lemonade flavor might sound odd and first, it’s darn tasty. The new Canadian-inspired flavor comes in both sports drink and recovery drink formulas. Check the ingredients and more below…


Louis Garneau’s not the first brand we expected nutrition from, but they’ve been at it for a couple years now with gels and sports drinks. Click to enlarge for ingredients.


And here’s their pitch.


Cytosport didn’t have any new Cytomax or MuscleMilk flavors. Instead, they were pushing their bodybuilding-inspired Fast Twitch toward the endurance crowd. Above is the caffeinated (15omg/serving) fruit punch, but they also offer a caffeine free lemonade flavor that I’ve been using for a few weeks before workouts – both on the bike and off. I get enough caffeine from coffee, so it’s nice to see a pre workout booster option without more of it.


The key ingredients are arginine, citrulline, creatine and other similar growth and energy promoters. They work mainly by boosting muscle output and bloodflow to muscles. Click to enlarge for the full list.


We posted this one already but thought it worth a revisit. Kinetic Koffee’s Gearhead bars are a tasty little cake to go with their delicious coffee, but also a good jersey pocket treat. The chocolate is pure cocoa and was made to benefit the Kevin Ebbert Memorial Fund. Kevin the son of Kinetic’s founders, earned a purple heart and two bronze stars while serving as a Navy SEAL, and created the gear logo that’s used to shape the chocolate bar. He was killed in action, and so sales of the chocolate help memorialize him and support the Wounded Warrior Project and the Navy SEAL Foundation.


Snap Infusion Supercandy mixes various types of candy into sports supplements. Pick from jelly bean, gummy, tart, gum and melts to get various electrolytes, vitamins and more. Getting fast never tasted so good.


Perhaps they don’t have the same slang in Italy, but this could be the worst disconnect we’ve seen lately in a logo. “Plus Watt” might add some power to your ride, but, um, yeah. At least on their website, the plus sign is a different color. (fair warning: keep any crude comments, however humorous, to yourself)


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