Moots sterling silver head badgeClick here now if you want one, as they’ve only got eight available.

OK. Phew! You’re back, good work. Now, here’s the details.

The Limited Edition Moots Silver Road Head Badge comes from artist Michael Cherney. It’s made of sterling silver and replaces the stock head badge on a Moots road bike. A jeweler by trade, Cherney’s latest uses an investment cast and lost wax process to turn one troy ounce of silver into this work of art.

They’re $300 and really intended for the cyclist who has everything. Is it lighter? More aero? Only a select few will know. Check Moots’ blog for more pics and the story behind it.


  1. Chainwhipped on

    Wow. That’s a totally worthwhile piece of a bike that will in no way tell people that I possess more dollars than sense. I’m sure it will help both the ride quality and longevity of my Mooto X.


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