Shinola Wright Brothers Runwell bicycle special edition

Detroit’s Shinola brand has just released this special, limited edition Wright Brothers Runwell bicycle and matching timepiece.

It’s decked out with features Orville and Wilbur never had, like disc brakes, 11-speed internal gear hub, compact battery powered headlamp and trigger shifters. The aesthetic nods to their era with fenders and retro bottle and saddle, but they’re thoroughly modern: Bamboo fenders, Shinola leather saddle, King stainless bottle cage and Kleen stainless bottle and alloy flat pedals.

The frame is lugged True Temper double butted chromoly and comes in a glossy black that, while perhaps a bit shinier, was the color of the day in the early 1900’s. Fly through the break for detail shots and more…

Shinola Wright Brothers Runwell bicycle special edition

The Soma Fab Torpedo LED headlamp sure beats candles or incandescents.

Shinola Wright Brothers Runwell bicycle special edition

Nice biplane motif in the graphics.

Shinola Wright Brothers Runwell bicycle special edition

The bikes may be made at Waterford, but the dropouts are cut in Detroit. Check our shop tour and company profile for more of the story behind Shinola’s bicycles.

Shinola Wright Brothers Runwell bicycle special edition

Only 25 will be offered. Retail is $2,950 and three sizes (55/57/59) are available. Full spec list at For a look at a real Wright Brothers’ bicycle, check this post.

Shinola Wright Brothers Runwell bicycle special edition and matching wristwatch

The Wright Brothers edition of their watch celebrates the siblings’ contribution to American ingenuity and spirit, and is the first of their Great Americans Series. Purchase of the watch gets you into their Foundry Club for owners of special edition Shinola timepieces. Each one comes in a special custom gift box with a certificate of authenticity, leather card wallet, leather carrying case, and a hickory watch box. Also included is a leather-bound coffee table book that delves into the background and achievements of the Wright brothers, featuring rare imagery from the Wright brothers’ private collection


  1. Jak0zilla on

    Seconded. It’s fun to look at pics of pricey townie bikes – but who on earth buys them?

    Oh, and the h2o cage is mounted in dork position. But whatever. Nice looking watch.

  2. wmidkiff314 on

    Might as well be interested in a Waterford…or better yet a Gunnar! I have sold several Gunnar Frames and I have been nothing but impressed with their quality…I have actually talked with Keith several times for a customer build!! ( that is Keith Schwinn btw..) My customers have been nothing but impressed by Gunnar’s (Waterfords) quality… from the local racer to the world wide tourer.

  3. tracy on

    $pecialized just called they say you cant call anything “special” anymore as in special limited edition as that infringes on their trademark. oh and you owe them 15,000.05 US $ in legal fees.


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