WTC Snowflake bb30 fatbike chainring limited edition red (1)

‘Tis the season for fatbikes and snow flakes. If you’re looking for a new drop-stop chainring set up for your new fatbike with a 190mm rear hub, Wolf Tooth’s BB30 chainring could be the answer. Initially designed for BB30 cranksets, the rings are perfect for the fattest rears due to the additional offset.

Check out the rings next, before the melt away for good!

WTC Snowflake bb30 fatbike chainring limited edition red (3) WTC Snowflake bb30 fatbike chainring limited edition red (2)

Using the same snowflake pattern as their original Middleburn direct mount rings, the limited edition BB30/fatbike rings use a SRAM direct mount spline that will mount directly to an X9 fatbike crank. These technically could be used on a 135 or 170mm fatbike, but will result in a chainline that is about 5mm wider than ideal. Wolf Tooth specifies the use of a 10 or 11 speed chain from any brand other than Wippermann.

One major benefit to the fatbike world, is that because of the removal of the spider the chainrings are offered in 28, 30, and 32t. The addition of the 28t over a 104 BCD crank may be the perfect gearing depending on your needs. Precisely CNC machined from 7075 aluminum, rings will be offered in an extremely limited run of red, black, and silver. A ring will set you back $89, but includes free shipping. Like the snow, once they’re gone they won’t return until next year!


  1. I sure hope that silver highlight on the red ring isn’t just exposed raw aluminum. 7075 doesn’t play well with moisture… But it wouldn’t be the first time that mistake has been made.

  2. @Ryan I was thinking the same thing but you can see the crank spindle through one of the snowflake cutouts in the first pic

  3. Don’t buy Wolf tooth. I ran a 26 front sproket on my sram 1×11 for 3 months and it wore so bad my chain skips on the front!
    Wolf tooth said that’s normal wear.
    Yea, I’m gonna buy 4 $70 sprockets per year.

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