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Photo submitted by Bob Beahen, “On Saturday, February 1st, I ventured out onto Lake Superior to check out the ice caves, driving up from Minneapolis MN. For the first time since 2009, the lake was frozen under the right conditions to allow people to check out the caves. Most people were on foot; I chose the Surly Moonlander. After battling the huddled masses, I finally reached an area with less travelers. The ice was booming and shifting, obviously still liquid many feet below me. It was well worth the ride, the ice, and the cold, to catch a once-in-a-lifetime sunset.”

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  1. bsimon on

    If he’s up at Apostle Islands Nat’l Lakeshore, the NPS put the kibosh on riding out there. Its a designated ‘roadless area’ (yes, the lake too), and they are thus far not inclined to exempt bicycles on the ice, as they’re banned on the land. Having said that, word on the streets is that rangers look the other way.

  2. bbeahen on

    @bsimon. You’re absolutely correct. NPS was restricting some bike usage, and I’m not 100% sure why some bikes were allowed, and some weren’t. I was actually ushered through by a handful of rangers, the last one being very friendly! Some other riders I encountered weren’t so lucky, and were told to bring bikes back to their cars. It seemed to be 50/50 for access. I wouldn’t count on being able to ride, but I think this year things are a bit more lax.

  3. gringo on

    _note to the guys yapping about maybe / maybe not legal access. If you don’t want the big boss putting the kibosh on local rangers looking the other way…..maybe you should not post about it on the internets and get said local rangers in hot water with the Boss Man.

    just a thought.


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