Calfee-EHB Tandem OverallValentine’s day is quickly approaching and this year Calfee thinks you should skip the tired flowers and chocolate. Instead, why not a custom carbon fiber mountain tandem complete with Ellsworth ICT suspension? Okay, if you show up on the 14th with another bike we can’t guarantee the rest of your evening, but if you’ve been looking for a new tandem that is supremely capable of tackling your off road adventures, the new Calfee Witness is worth a look. By combining Calfee’s decades of experience building tandems and carbon bikes and Ellsworth’s 25 years of MTB geometry and suspension knowledge, the two collaborated to produce the Witness – a 27.5 or 29″ wheeled custom tandem.

Think your relationship could survive the Witness? Check out the details below.

Calfee-EHB Tandem Rear

While the main frame of the Witness is 100% Calfee built, the rear end of the tandem is sourced from Ellsworth’s patented ICT four bar linkage design. If you want an in depth break down on Instant Center Tracking, it’s probably best to head over to Ellsworth’s website and hear it straight from the source. Just know that the ICT design works quite well, offering a fully active suspension system that is very energy efficient.

Calfee-EHB Tandem Front

Offered as a frame only, the Witness starts at $8,295 for the 27.5″ frame and is an additional $500 for a 29er. Each frame is built with a 14.5″ bottom bracket height and 42.5cm chainstays. The frame uses internal cable routing which is compatible with mechanical or electronic drivetrains. Witness GeoWitnesses will be available in 5 sizes based on the size of the captain and the stoker – just keep in mind these numbers are based on the 27.5″ bike with a 2.25″ tire.


  1. Yeah let’s just dangle this di2 connector out in the breeze in front of the head tube. What were they thinking. At least zip tie it to something.

  2. I’ve been enjoying this beauty since the trade show. Craig and the team at Calfee are splendid craftsman, and Craig has been a great industry peer in helping me sort out our own carbon development. This bike is a ton of fun! My Stoker, aka Valentine, and I recently did some swoopy twisty singletrack and got in the groove of leaning and moving together and it was ALL SMILES the rest of the weekend! Can’t wait to see more Calfee Full Susser Tandems on the trails!

    Thanks Craig Calfee, and the team at Calfee! For picking up and carrying the torch on the Witness!
    Tony E.

  3. Rocker link pivot and lower shock mount needs more carbon support. Also custom captain bar/stem paired with clunky stoker stem = fail.

  4. A 27.5″ full sus carbon mountain tandem, complete with extended Di2 rigging, dual dropper posts, front EBB, and internally housed extended hydraulic brake lines. Joy to ride, absolute blast to maintain!

  5. I find the mismatched chains odd, as is the dangling derailleur wiring. So much work went into this, yet they skip steps like that. Hm.

  6. Mountain tandems are not absolute divorce machines, my wife and I have been riding off road together for 18 years. She is only a little mad because I have been ridding tandem more with the kids than with her.

    • Go bro tandems (life) can be a tool to bind families together or tear them apart…….It starts with your focus…..Like riding focus on the tree and you will hit it

  7. to everyone who claims that this bicycle will lead to the dissolution of the relationship of any couple who rides it together, I would like to remind you that calfee has the technology to turn that frame into two separate frames. As long as there is other jointly owned property besides the tandem, then that property can be sold to pay for the necessary extra components needed to complete the two builds.

  8. Hello there,
    I Am a fanatic tandemcyclist together with my wife Petra. We are from The Netherlands (Europe). Our tandem is a Cucuma-tandem, hardtail with frontsuspension, building in Germany (also Europe). I love the Calfee tandem very much. Here in The Netherlands it’s not that populair riding a tandem together. With a population 16.000.000 people it’s funny that you can count the tandems on one hand, realy. And pitty is, you can’t buy a Calfee tandem here in The Netherlands, probably in the whole off europe you can’t find one.
    My question is; why a command seatpost on a tandem? Also keep up the good work.

    Greetings from Hoofddorp, The Netherlands (Europe)
    Tony Bredewold

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