The Analog.One.One by Grainworks

True cycling is not merely a sport. True cycling is not merely a hobby. True cycling, if anything beyond a lifestyle, is an art form. It’s the beauty that keeps us returning for more. Mike Pecsok of Grainworks, and his burgeoning craft have taken beauty to an unprecedented level. Critique the art past the break…


Wooden bicycles are not novel, far from it. But what Grainworks is doing speaks for itself; gorgeous.


With the utilization of African mahogany, yellow heart, walnut, maple, and birch-plywood, Pescok’s expertise in creating fully custom, wood furniture shines through. But it was his enduring passion for cycling that led him to venture into frame-building.


The main frame is comprised of nine layers laminated together. In the pictured model, the Analog.One.One, the dark wood is walnut and the light wood is maple. Strategically placed, the layers overlay with no overlapping seams.


The chainstays and seatstays are bent-laminated with each stay comprised of 33 layers, each layer adhered via WestSystem epoxy impregnation. This rendition also has a shellac finish that was dulled with steel wool and then waxed for a silky smooth feel.


The seat-tube and top-tube are hollow allowing for internal cable routing of the rear brake line.


With a weight of 28lbs 3oz. the Analog.One.One is no racer, but the targeted buyer will be weighing aesthetics and craftsmanship over pounds.


Mike Pecsok will be building to order from his workshop in Camarillo, CA. Contact him via his website to create a bespoke beauty worthy of any art gallery.



  1. This bike is a piece of art.
    Perhaps there is room for art in cycling.

    Someone spent an insane amount of hours crafting this bicycle for the sake of beauty. The maker would have had to spent many many years working with wood to develop the level of skill required to be a able to build something like this.

    The world needs more beauty like this !!

  2. Lucky for me, the mere reading of a third party’s words won’t make me hate a company. Maybe I need to be more angry.

    That’s a beautiful looking bike with impressive handiwork.

  3. The frame and the craftsmanship are stunning. Not hating on the fork, but it looks slightly odd to my eye. Not the right match for the frame. Maybe Grainworks has a fork with bonded-on veneer cosmetic pieces (not functional or structural) in the works to match the chubby headtube. Would add weight though…if that’s a concern.

    Good show gents – best of luck.

  4. Not only is it beautiful but also functional, in the right situation. Say it’s dusk, you’ve just clipped a pedal on a rock at speed, flown headlong over your non-deciduous handlebars, and are now lying in the wet leaves with a broken femur. Darkness is quickly closing in, the coyotes are not-so-distantly howling. Simply grab the lighter from your pack (you smoke things during rides), ignite your frame and…voila!…light, heat, and a smoking beacon by which to be rescued! Go ahead, toast a forest rodent for sustenance! Try that with another frame. Unless you have one of those god-awful magnesium atrocities, it won’t work.

  5. One point for the effort but Renovo makes a bike similar to this (badash 29er) except it is actually made for riding not just hipster pretense. Renovo ONLY makes bikes and bike accessories not “outdoor structures” so I may be putting a little bit of blind faith in them for that too.

  6. Why would you make a beautiful frame like that and then ruin it with a huge NINER fork? A more subtle Whisky fork would complement the style so much better!

  7. I’m not sure if there’s a fork on the market that would go with that frame, but the niner definitely looks out of place. The frame is indeed gorgeous though.

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