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After a number of saddle designs squarely aimed at the future, in their latest saddle Fi’zi:k is getting some inspiration from the past. Instead of the chiseled, minimalist designs that have begun to flood the high end saddle market, Fi’zi:k’s new Volta saddle draws on the classic saddle shape that was popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Crafted with deep sides and the almost ubiquitous U-shape of the saddles back then, the Volta definitely has the shape of a classic, but with the technology that Fi’zi:k employs in the rest of their range.

If you’re pining for the feel of your old Turbo, but want something a bit more modern, check out the new Volta range next.


Immagini 9782 Volta_R3kium_white_grey_blue_front_w

R1 on the left, R3 on the right.

According to Fi’zi:k the curve of those famous saddles from the 70’s and 80’s varied less than 5% from model to model. Using this general shape as a starting point the Volta was designed and fine tuned using rapid prototyping to offer modern day comfort. After a number of prototypes were created to test the strength of the carbon shell and saddle components, Fi’zi:k went through the typical saddle testing with staff, professionals and recreational riders to gain feedback on the design.

Volta_R3kium_black_anthracite_red_front_w Volta_R1braided_white_white_front_w

R3 on the left, R1 on the right.

The Volta is offered in two models, the flagship R1 and the more affordable R3. In order to create the 165g R1, Fi’zi:k uses a 00.7mm thick carbon fiber core with a carbon reinforced nylon layer making up the other half of  the Twinflex shell. Foam padding is then injected directly onto the shell, covered with a thermowelded Microtex cover.

The R1 also uses the one piece carbon fiber Mobius rail which is held in place with 5 stainless bolts .

The R3 differs slightly in construction with a fiberglass and thermoplastic composite Twinflex shell and alloy K:ium rails. The shape of the two saddles is the same, but the R3 weighs in around 203g and will retail for €169,00 instead of the R1’s €250,00 (about $230 and $340).










The Volta will be sold in 4 different colors, the R1 in Black/Black, and White/White, and the R3 in Black/Anthracite/Red and White/Blue/Grey. Head over to Fi’zi:k for more.


  1. mark on

    Yes, I’m sure that a major seat company with a high reputation researched and released a seat for the sole purpose of being painful to everybody.

  2. Carl Spackler on

    Tried it. It feels like the jaws of life are breaking your pelvis in two, choking off all oxygen to your balls and ensuring you walk bow-legged for the rest of your life. Thank god it was borrowed and I didnt drop coin on this ass hatchet.

  3. Frank on

    This is nothing like a Turbo. The difference between the tail, sweetspot and tail on a turbo was much more pronounced, and curved, than this. This is almost a straight line from the tail to the tip!

  4. gringo on

    the optik of this new saddle reminds me of a playboy gentleman who wears a beige turtleneck with a Camelhair suit, wears fade-tint aviators has feathered hair, and smokes Kool cigarettes.

    Trés Retro!

  5. Antipodean_G on

    +1 for FI’ZI:K’s being the best saddles for my backside, though I agree, they either work for you or don’t with almost no middle line. Other than the original Flite, I would not not use anything else but as for this one, that’s maybe a little too much coin for me, regardless how well it may/may not sit.


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