The suspect shown in this clip tried to slip away from the police at the light-rail station, about an hour later, the cops discovered him trying to steal a bike and slip through their search perimeter. All I care is that sweet bike thief vengeance was served.

Via The Sacramento Bee


  1. I like “justice serviced.” It’s like justice was running a little rough, so they took it to the under-paid justice mechanic and got it tuned up.

    Just in time to jump this guy.

    Love that tackle. Bet that cop gets free tune-ups in Sacramento for the rest of his life.

  2. Notice that the perp’s first instinct (0:13) is to grab for the cop’s gun…..only when he’s finally subdued does he cry for mercy. Scumbag.

  3. I don’t think this really counts as the police apprehending a bicycle thief. They were after him for another reason, and he grabbed the bike to try to get away. I very much doubt that they would have been so interested if his only crime was stealing a bike. I’m not claiming he would have made an effort to return the bike after making his getaway, but this is not a standard bike theft situation.

  4. why would he bike so close to the camera guy/girl? seems like the left side of the street would have been the better choice… maybe he just didn’t clip in… 😉

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