Victoire for En Selle, De Ville & Petit Bi

The France I know is synonymous with three things: the Tour, food & wine, and fashion. While fashionistas may not make up a large percentage of this site’s readership the frankly French aesthetics of Cycles Victoire’s bespoke work, on behalf of boutique de vélo En Selle Marcel should please any cyclist’s palate. For a continuation of this fabulous haute couture, turn the page…

Victoire for En Selle, De Ville front end

Cycles Victoire craft all their works by hand in France. These one-of-a-kinds were designed for the father who is ready to pass down cycling-heritage to his son or daughter for the first time.

Victoire for En Selle, the De Ville

Dad’s bike has been titled the “De Ville,” with a design inspired by both vintage and modern. For a touch of the unique the seat stays have been fabricated with a single piece of steel tubing.

Victoire for En Selle, the Petit Bi front angle

Created for a 2 to 4 year-old, junior cyclist, the “Petit Bi” employes a walkbike design and was intentionally coordinated with the De Ville in an “elegant” manner.

Victoire for En Selle, the De Ville front rack

The De Ville’s second design element: a fully incorporated front rack, wielded directly onto the fork. Additionally the De Ville utilizes a two-speed internal hub with incorporated coaster brake, allowing for the clean aesthetics.

Victoire for En Selle, the Petit Bi w King headsetWhat tot’s bike would be complete without a Chris King headset?

Victoire for En Selle, De Ville & Petit Bi at angleThese two bicycles are and will remain one-of-a-kind and will be on display in the En Selle Marcel in Paris staring February 25th. Each will be sold individually.



  1. Very pretty bicycles.

    I also like your avant-garde inclusion of four things in the list of three things France is known for. Subjectivity of numbers and all.

  2. I like how the sloping (no, the other way) top tube evokes the ‘funny bike’ 650/700 TT bikes of yore, but without the disadvantage of having 2 wheel sizes on the same bike

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