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Triathletes look here! Yes, ODI of mountain bike grip fame has a product for triathletes, specifically aerobar extension grips. We feel like someone has to have done this before, but this is one of the first aerobar specific grips that we have seen. Whether you’re looking for more grip or better vibration absorption, ODI’s new aerobar grips enter a new product category for the company.

Is this the first ergo Triathlon grip? Check it out after the break.

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Available in either the Aerobar Lite or the Aerobar Ergo, anyone with a set of clip ons can add a bit of made in the USA rubber to their bike. The lite is basically just a thin grip and maintains the same profile over the full extension. The Ergo offers an ergonomic hand position at the end of the grip that looks like it could be very comfortable over the course of an Irornman. The Lite sells for $21, add a buck for the Ergo at $22.

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Now for something completely different, ODI was also showing off Andreu Lacondeguy’s new Sensus signature model. Sensus is a grip line that was started by Cam Zink and is manufactured by ODI.

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Open it up and the packaging reflects the character of the mad man on a bike, and they retail for $32.95.

Frostbike: ODI Transitions into Tri, Andreu Lacondeguy gets his grip on Sensus

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