With the proliferation of 3D printed and plastic mounts expanding, K-Edge wants to give you a little incentive to “upgrade to the best”. So, effective immediately, retail pricing for the majority of their pro mounts has dropped by about 20%.

“Our products are twice as good, but were also twice the price,” said Tim Kelley, K-EDGE Director of Sales. “Our new pricing greatly decreases this gap and makes the decision to upgrade from a lesser or plastic offering much easier for the consumer.”

Kelley told us their production efficiencies have improved, letting them offer the chain catcherscycling computer mount and GoPro and other camera mounts at a lower price. Curious how they’re made? Check our factory tour here. Unfortunately, that same price cut doesn’t include their Ki2 conversion kits, and the ‘cross chain catchers will remain the same because they’re a very difficult piece to make.

To celebrate at retail, they’re offering shops a new POP display at no cost, available through their distributors. Pic below…




  1. wako29 on

    In the long run, this could be a good thing (assuming they will drop the wholesale price accordingly), but for now it really hurts bike shops for their entire in-store stock. They purchased these at full price and are now forced to mark them down, meaning they will be making even less margin on these products. Not awesome.

  2. K11 on

    i’m with @wako29. car companies have done a very similar thing with announcing lower sticker prices on certain vehicles, hurting the consumers that bought that new vehicle, effecting resale value dramatically.

    maybe k-edge will offer credits for their dealers stacking their products.

  3. Cdub on

    K11, I’m with you. I’d be disappointed if they didn’t cut the shops a break with a credit, or ideally a refund if they have a large stock of the product, unless they had detailed the rollout of the new price to their dealers beforehand, and already did the wholesale price drop. I’m not sure how they did it this time around, seeing as I’m more out in the field for demos than in the store anymore at my shop.

  4. PDX on

    The price drop shouldn’t be too much of a concern for retailers (Distributors with large stock on the other hand…). As the price drop intends, this will help move current stock and hopefully upsell customers. You won’t be able to make the same percentage with prior stock but you should make about the same in overall dollars compared to a cheaper plastic mount. Now you’ll need to find a way to sell the cheaper mounts without affecting K-edge sales. 😉

  5. Volcano on

    @PDX, the overall number of dollars doesn’t matter if you have to slash margins to get there. Trust me, retailers are very concerned about margin, because it’s what affects every other aspect of their business – how much is available for wages, advertising, rent, and yes, profit. It also greatly affects the tax paid.

    If K-Edge forces retailers to drop prices without offering a discount to them on their original cost, I say balls to them. I’d rather use the junky plastic that keeps my LBS open than the shiny, well-engineered mount that drives them under.

  6. alvis on

    how is twice as good measured?

    If its a computer mount and it mounts your computer or a chain catcher that catches your chain why pay any more than the absolute cheapest that does that job?

  7. Mick on

    @alvis…I’ve seen how well cheap chain catchers work…or more correctly don’t…ditto for the cheap computer mounts…
    It’s obvious @PDX has never ran a small retail business, but quite possibly works in government…


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