Ordinary product videos can be a tad big generic with their focus on slow mo shots of berm crop dusting and close up nature stills, but this video from Juliana Bikes has us stoked for summer. Hit play to watch Anka Martin and friends having a great time and riding flat out.

Head past the break to learn more about the trip in Anka’s own words…



Our trip went down in early February in beautiful Nelson, New Zealand and the surrounding areas of the Nelson Tasman district. We planned a little backcountry adventure with a few of my friends on our Juliana bikes. We started off with one of the toughest tracks in Nelson, Sunrise Ridge.  

JB14_040214_2294-2Friendly local, Ella the eel on Nydia Bay Track

It has a bit of everything, but it’s most famous for being super technical. After getting our adrenalin fix, we headed over for something a bit more mellow on the Coppermine loop. A great way to end off the day, take in the stunning ocean vistas and catch up with your mates.

JB14_040214_2399On the Track Lodge, Nydia Bay

 The following day we headed out to ride the Nydia Track – another stunning area in the Marlborough Sounds area. This place is paradise. And it is another very rooty, very technical track, that can get you going over the bars at any given moment going up or down the track. We rode all day, then slept over at On the Track Lodge. There is nothing more exciting than riding sick tracks, with your friends, and ending big days with beers & delicious food. Perfection.

JB14_040214_2897Heading towards Havelock from On the Track Lodge, Nydia Bay JB14_040214_3040Wakamarina Track drop off point

Once we got back to the van, we had one more stop to make to ride one of my all time favorite tracks in the world – Wakamarina. It is really out there. NZ backcountry at it’s best. You work hard for your descents, but it was o, so worth every drop of sweat and hike a bike push.

JB14_040214_3714Fern surfing on the Nydia Bay TrackNydia Bay Track overlooking the Pelorus Sound


Wakamarina Track ferny goodness JB14_040214_4590Cable Bay Beach

 Beautiful, ancient, beech forest, with flowy, fast singletrack trails that seem to never end. Bliss. Exhausted, exhilarated and knackered, we loaded the van one last time to head back to Nelson and back to the real world and our other lives. We were content. Happy, satisfied & loving our lives. This is what life is all about. This is living. These are the memories that you create with your friends & the moments that will keep you going until the next adventure. Thank goodness for bikes.

-Anka Martin


  1. Awesome Vid Anka, the terrain and scenery looks incredible. It’s also killer to a group of female MTB’ers showing us how it’s done. Oh and say hello to Anja for me.

  2. This really deserves a companion making of film. It appears they use heli and cable cams, but there’s got to be some drone work in this as well. Great stuff.

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