LH Thomson adds new 25mm setback seatpost option

Our first stop at Thomson’s NAHBS booth yielded the dropper seatpost updates. On a subsequent walk by, they mentioned their setback seatposts will get a second design option this summer.

Their original set back post, shown here, uses a bent tube to achieve the offset. But, they admit that it’s not the best aesthetic choice for all bikes. So they’re developing a second 25mm offset post that’ll use a straight post and revised head to get the saddle further back. Look for it a bit later this year.


  1. Good idea. And not just for esthetics – on a gravity oriented bike you may want to slam it for downhill, and extend – with setback to stretch – when pedaling up.

  2. Great! I need a setback on one of my bikes and never used a Thomson for that bike because the setback seatpost looked butt-ugly! Now I can!

  3. Am I the only one that likes the original setback post? I’ve got a setback masterpiece on mountain and road bikes in part because I loved the look. The weight and durability were also pluses.

  4. @Thomson – appreciate the 25mm – I ride a 60cm road frame and need at least that and a reasonably narrow clamp end to end to get back far enough. Retul fit confirmed.

    Dont forget to sell this to time trialler’s too – tell them to install it backwards…..

  5. Will this top clamp fit your Dropper Posts?
    I would buy one if it does because I need to move my seats back a load.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. it is more than a look thing. loading bikes into rack set ups inside vehicles, can’t just drop post and seat but have to remove it. Also makes clamping into bike work stand more awkward.


  7. I’ve got Thomson set-back posts on two of my bikes and I am not bothered by the looks. Thomson designed it that way so the post and lower saddle clamp could be cast/forged in one piece leaving no joint to separate and it works. Their only disadvantage, other than aesthetics, is that you need a minimum of 80-90 mm of seatpost exposed so that the “kink” is above the seatpost clamp. For some rider on some frames this can eliminate it’s use.

  8. I like the original setback too, but its not like they are dropping the old design. Even if they did, I’d still buy the new one.

  9. It’s really simple.

    If you need >16mm setback, wait for the new post. If you prefer the look of a more traditional post with all the setback at the clamp, wait for the new post.

    If not, the current version will still be available.

  10. @dave. it’s not cast, its machined. As far as design, i guarantee the new one will be a machined one piece post. there is more disadvantages than what you speak of. see @K11 comment.

    can’t wait, thanks thomson.

  11. FINALLY. The hideousness of the current design has been keeping a Masterpiece off all of my bikes which require setback. Thank you Thomson.

  12. Sweet. I need a 25mm setback to get my saddle where I want it. 16mm thomson did not cut it, so I went with a carbon FSA 25mm setback for like twice the price. I love the infinite tilt adjustment on both the FSA and Thomson posts.

  13. Glad to hear the news, I think the new design will look great (like everything Thomson produces…INCLUDING the current setback model) while also winning over new business from those who let function follow form (the haters). Cant wait to buy one!

  14. Finally! Aesthetics aside, the 16 doesn’t do it for me. It’ll be good to get the Thomson strength with a proper setback!

  15. I agree with a few others that the original setback was distinctive and looked good, but it is a look that grows on you – or doesn’t. Clearly, more commenters here weren’t sold on the look.
    The best part about it was that you knew it was a Thomson from 50 yds away. That speaks quality, durability and function, no matter what the appearance.
    I believe I’ve had 4 over the years and currently have it on two bikes (MTB’s). One of them has a damaged clamp where I was trying to rescue it from a steel frame. I got some liquid nitrogen (work) and froze the whole area and then popped it up with some wood and a rubber mallet. Lesser posts would have been unrecognizeable after all of that. It’s gone 2 more seasons…and still looking good. Which, apparently, is a matter of opinion. 😉

  16. @All

    For many the original Setback just wasn’t enough or wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. So the new version will have the setback and look people wanted. Combined with a one piece head clamp, and made in the USA, it should work for many people out there.

    We will continue to make the original model and the straight also.

    As for the setback on the dropper, that’s more complicated due to the cartridge inside the tube. We have been working on ideas to incorporate more than the 5mm setback the post currently has but nothing is concrete as of now.

    We’ll let you know when we have something though.

  17. @thomson. any thought on offering a 5/6º bicycle stem? (kind of splitting hairs here)

    i run into a lot of riders that run a different brand stem to get that smaller angle. or they go zero and add spacers. others will just go with a different brand for both the seatpost and stem, to keep a matching/clean look to their new build.

  18. I am glad to hear that they plan to continue to make the original layback post. I like the layback because it seems to provide some cushioning on a HT bike… I also think it looks cool. I have a feeling that the 25mm offset head will make its way onto their dropper post.

  19. Please, please, please make a dropper with more than a 5mm offset. It doesn’t need to be 25mm. The 16mm is perfect. No one makes a descent dropper with offset.

  20. Any idea of when the new seatpost will be shown?

    Eurobike in Germany will happen soon (end of august), then Interbike in USA in early september is probably a good chance to see a final product launched on home turf?
    Any other important dates are Taipei show in march, or Sea Otter in april…

    (damn, I need a 30.9 seatback for my Pegoretti 😛 )

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