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When it comes to saddles, lately there seems to be no shortage of ideas on how to revolutionize how we sit on a bike. The latest bizarre creation is Dpardo’s T2 Healthy Saddle – basically just a horizontal bar that you sit on. The simple design has two main functions, eliminate friction on the groin, and pressure on the perineum. According to U-Chien’s research, pressure in the perineum can result in abnormal genital growth for juveniles as well as “hymen injuries for girls,” as well as countless genital related issues for adults. Right. Fortunately the Type 2 saddle eliminates those issues by eliminating pressure on the perineum completely. In fact the saddle comes with a benefit list that borders on infomercial with the ability to “slim down, tighten and lift the buttocks, improve blood circulation to increase leg strength and butt muscle mass, restore elasticity and vigor for loose muscles, improve sagging buttocks”…. and on and on.

That’s a lot of talk, does it work? Get our first impression after the break…

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The hardest part to wrap your head around (or your butt) is that you sit with your sit bones on the upper portion of the saddle. Nothing actually touches the lower pad, it’s just there should you slip off I suppose. Here is something even harder to believe – it was actually comfortable. Maybe it really does provide relief through the Cheng fu acupuncture point. Or maybe it’s just because I had been walking around the show floor for hours, so I probably could have sat on an actual 2×4 and been comfortable, but it was strangely comfortable for pedaling in jeans. But, with absolutely no support to keep you from falling forward, and no ability to change positions, comfort on a trainer for a few minutes might be as far as it goes. However, if you have a completely upright riding position it might just do the trick.

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The T2 Healthy Saddle weighs in around 267g and retails for around $88 in a variety of colors.

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Not surprisingly, the Healthy Saddle is brought to you by the same company responsible for the Sickle Crank. These are the cranks that supposedly increase torque output by 41% over a standard crank. Apparently the cranks are so easy to turn that they have had to increase the chainring tooth counts to include a new Monster R58 58t ring. There is also a 56t ring with a solid crank arm to the left of the picture for mountain biking on a 29er(?).

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  1. If you buy those cranks, you deserve them. As for the seat – those who would need such a thing, might be better off on a recumbent (I know I am). Unless you have to ride in UCI races: Try it!

  2. i hate to throw water on the fire but…
    “then i went off a curb which was taller than I thought it was and now I am stuck IN the saddle. please help”

  3. That crank is way behind its’ time. I have an Italian crank (PMP) with 90-degree crank arms. It increases torque output by 42% which is way better. If Sickle crank arms were reversed to the opposite direction it would actually increase torque by 82% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. If they made the cranks into a spiral with at least 4 loops, the torque would be enough to drive a 100T + chain ring and not even feel like you’re pedaling. 7 loops and the speed of light would be shattered.

  5. (deleted)
    Can everybody who actually come up with the curved crank idea once again be shot for violating our faith in humanity?

    We pay our taxes to provide universal education, and that is what we get?

  6. Those cranks mess with time and space – it’s like pedaling in the future. They put you 75 degrees further ahead of where you should be in your pedal stroke (or exactly where you would be if the crank were a straight line to the pedal spindle.)

    I think a much better idea would be increasing your fork rake to win photo finishes.

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