Dylan-Dunkerton-Coastal-Crew-Demo-(10)If you look really closely at the image above, you might spot a bike. The hints of red will eventually give it away. Want to see more of the camouflaged beauty? Head past the break to try and catch a glimpse…..


This particular bike borrowed it’s “bark” from the Cedar tree it’s leaning against.

This custom Specialized Demo belongs to Dylan Dunkerton, a member of the Coastal Crew. Never heard of them? You’re missing out on some of the best mountain bike videos in the industry. Their segment in Kranked Revolve was the highlight of the film! Since their breakout segment they have gone from a low key group of shredders and trail builders, to opening the first year round gravity park in BC.

Dylan-Dunkerton-Coastal-Crew-Demo-(4)This concept is so cool, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.






Cedar Specialized Demo InspirationThis Cedar served as the inspiration for the project. After carefully photographing it, Dylan had Vinyl decals printed.
Cedar Camoflaughe Specialized DemoThen came the hard part of wrapping the frame carefully.

gratuitous adorable trail dog

gratuitous adorable trail dogAnd for making it this far, here’s a few pictures of Dylan’s adorable trail dog.

Special thanks to Dylan Dunkerton for sending over the photos and Sean Estes for putting us in communication. Make sure to follow Dylan on Instagram to learn more about the Coastal Gravity Park and his assorted adventures.


  1. Von Kruiser on

    How did the tree get on the internet?
    It logged in.

    What did the tree do to get in trouble?
    It was knotty.

    What did the tree do when the bank closed?
    It started a new branch.


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