As promised in his pre-show interview, NAHBS president Don Walker kept it simple this year. His traditional cyclocross, track and road bikes (this time a tandem) are unchanged, but he continues to highlight some great paint schemes year after year.

Last year we saw a Star Trek theme that was a bit out there. This year, things were a little more down to earth, including a digital camo and a few bold two-tones with lines as sharp as a razor. Check out the gallery below, along with Jim Kish’s beautiful titanium bikes…


The tandem had nicely integrated wire and cable ports on the head tube, reinforced with diamond shaped lugs. The rear end did a good job of making room for a chainstay mounted disc brake caliper.


We particularly liked the color scheme on his track bike!


Logos, head badge and everything else is done in paint. No decals.



Singlespeed cyclocross bikes are a popular item for him.


He also brought out a few classics, like this speed record bike. The extending handlebar and smaller front wheel keep the rider low to tuck in behind a motorcycle.


How’d you like to mash that gear?


This time attack track bike was brought to show that “steel can be fast and aero,” in Don’s own words. Here’s proof:





Jim Kish’s collection featured mostly titanium bikes, like this gravel road bike. It’s running fairly normal sized ‘cross tires, but there’s plenty of room for bigger balloons in there. Normally we like our ti naked, but this candy apple red halfie was pretty darn good looking.


This one’s a proper, race ready cyclocross bike.


The main differences are in the geometry, but of course, that’s all custom anyway. Want something even more relaxed than the grinder? He does touring bikes and everything in between.


Speaking of relaxed, this long travel hardtail is for Jason at Back Alley Bikes in Carrboro, NC. It’s a shame we didn’t get some closeups, the saddle and grips were made by a guy that does custom shoes and apparently had some very sweet custom embossing and stitching detail. Fortunately, they have one on their shop blog.


He mentioned the rare steel bike in our pre-show interview, and this city commuter bicycle is just such a steed.


  1. Atganirider on

    Don Walker’s, “speed record machine” is a stayer bike, ridden behind the big motors i.e. motor-paced behind a motorbike (rather than a derny)


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