Profile Racing has a legendary reputation in the BMX realm across a wide array of product lines. From bomb proof cranks, high engagement hubs, and to , their American made products often inspire rabid loyalty.

Over the years, the company has also dabbled in the mountain bike arena, and produced mountain bike hubs for many years. At Sea Otter, Profile Racing was showcasing a new line of 31.8mm stems that they’ve designed to take the rigors of everything from Downhill to Enduro applications.

Jump past the break to catch a better look….


The fully CNCd 7075 Bullit Aluminum  Helm stems utilize a “Moto clamp” design to make adjustments easy. Unlike regular stems, the Moto design requires you to clamp down the top two bolts first, and then tighten the lower two.


The stems will be available in the following colors: Black, Silver, Matte Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Green, Aqua, Purple (coming soon), and special edition wraps.

The sizes/weights will be: 40mm (152g), 50mm (172g), and 60mm (198g).

There are no current plans to make stems for the new 35mm standard.


Oversized hardware is used throughout, and the stem body is machined with radius and chamfered edges for a smooth finish.

Retail is $115.95.

Profile Racing


  1. profile’s stuff is really nice. they quietly make some great road and mtb hubs that rarely gets any attention because of the “big brands”.

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