On One orange fat bike tires (1)

As if fat bike tires weren’t eye catching enough as it is, why not draw even more attention to your fat bike with colors! Available in a perfect shade of orange to match the On-One Fatty, On-One decided to offer their 4″ Floater tire in 4 different shades.

They probably won’t make you any faster, but you’re sure to be noticed…


On One orange fat bike tires (3) On One orange fat bike tires (2)

Available in Orange, White, Green, and Pink, the Floaters are 120tpi with a claimed weight of 1670 – 1800g. Retail price is $99 in the US, but it seems they are currently on sale can be found for about $65.



  1. A local had one’s sidewall come apart but On One replaced it under warranty, still not something you want to encounter mid-ride to look down at and see threads seperating in the casing that’s opening up.

  2. Can we have transparent tires? Make them tubeless, and we could put LED lights inside, and glow-in-the-dark sealant, and, and… Yes, I’m kidding.

  3. Anyone remember late ’80s BMX freestyle fashion?

    When the Krazy Kolors start showing up a fad has begun its death spiral.

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