Tern Bicycles takes the standard suitcase you already have been using and turns it into a full-function travel case with their FlightSuit, a total system for taking your 20” or 24” folding bike with you on work or vacation. First spotted in Taipei, Tern sent over some more details to show just how easy it can be to pack your bike.

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Tern_flightsuit_open_suitcase_packed Tern_flightsuit_open_suitcase_unpacking

As someone who has spent many a evening before a morning flight trying to remember how to cram my large sized S&S coupled road and mountain bikes into a standard airline size suitcase, I can really appreciate what is going on here. Tern has developed a complete set of protective covers to safety pad and pack your Tern bike into a standard-sized suitcase for easy travel.

What really makes this a unique product is the completeness of the kit and that one big suitcase pad that has printed on it the step-by-step diagrams of the optimal way to get the bike in the case.


The $75/75€ kit includes the annotated Suitcase Pad; as well as ‘socks’ to protect each the seatpost, stem/handlepost, bar from each side, and the rear dropout; plus a padded bag for the pedals; and dropout protectors. It is available now worldwide through Tern’s dealer network, as well as consumer direct at premiumbikegear.com

Although obviously designed for their folding bikes, I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be used by anyone with a 20” or 24” folding bike who wants to take it with them on their next flight without any worries.



  1. Now folding bikes can ride in style with paired spoke whe- *ping ping ping*.


    *Disclaimer: My pair of Rolf Vector Pros are holding up quite well, thank you.

  2. I’m sorry but a Brompton is way less of a faf as you just fold it and put it in your suitcase. Also if you use their soft case you can literally cycle away from the airport! As a bonus the quality of the bike is better.

  3. @FAQinc: Sorry but that bike up there has 10 gears and you can get a Tern with anywhere from 1 to 30. Brompton tops out at 6. Also, have they finally done away with some of the cheezy components they were notorious for? Not sure why you couldn’t ride away with a Tern from an airport if you traveled with a soft bag, same as the Brompton. Brompton’s are fantastic bikes, but different from Tern in many ways, not all of them better, and not the best folding solution for everyone — not everyone wants 16″ wheels…

  4. A Tern and a Brompton are two fairly different bikes when you really get into the details. I travel with my Brompton because it is easily gate checked (without any case, just folded) and my 6 speed has done the job on gear range for a multitude of trips. The Tern, on the other hand is a faster feeling and lighter bike. If traveling with a case is not a deal breaker, then the tern makes perfect sense. I sell and ride both brands and have a good appreciation of each so the discussion really gets down to which bike meets the criteria of the rider. As for the cheesy parts on a Brompton, they do listen to their dealers and have done a great job on some of the updated components that have an actual affect on the quality of the bike. As stated, two different brands but both are solid in what they do.

  5. I am just finishing up my first trip with the Tern, from NZ to the UK, Europe, US and now back again. I didn’t have much choice between Tern and Brompton, because the Brompton is simply too expensive in NZ. However, the challenge has been the difficulty in transporting the Tern, and I hope that the flightsuit will solve this problem. I just bought one in SF. I started with a well padded “Stow Bag” by Tern which was too big to for me to manage easily up steps and in the metro. I then found a large duffle bag with wheels in Paris, but for the bike to fit, I had to take off wheels and derailleur – and it’s still tight! The bike is fabulous to have, but challenging to travel with. Once packed with a bit of clothes, it rapidly exceeds the baggage weight allowance. An itsy-bitsy Brompton might have been easier to carry around, but probably wouldn’t have managed the rough terrain I’ve been able to enjoy off of the tar seal with my Tern. Just hope it’s going to be easier to tote now…

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