power2max Type-S 144mm spacing track bike power meter crankset

Power2max made quick mention of a power meter for track bikes at Interbike last year, and now it’s finally coming in late May. It uses a different spider specifically for 144mm spacing to maintain the proper chainline and is just for fixed gear bikes.

There are a few other differences, too. First is a lack of the auto-zero function of their standard power meters, so you’ll need to zero calibrate it before you start your session or anytime you change chainrings. Second, the battery was moved inboard and the whole thing made slimmer to work with aero chainrings. The latter was incorporated into the new Type S road power meters, too, which saved 70-90 grams over the still available Classic version. An external LED light tells you when it’s time to charge the battery.

Four models will be offered: Rotor 3D without cranks, Rotor 3D with cranks, 3D+with cranks and 3D30 without cranks. Retail is $1,079 to $1,449, and they’ll be available in very limited quantities at first.


  1. this is not a rotor product. it just happens to mount to their cranks. shouldn’t be too much trouble for wolf tooth to make direct mount 1x rings for these cranks.

  2. a good thing, more choice for track bikes. it might as well fit a mtb. i wonder how they will measure proper cadence data at low speed/rpm without magnet(s).

    a 32/34T chainring is not going to work with 144 bcd. i guess 44T will be the minimum

  3. Power2Max uses an accelerometer to measure cadence, and at least on the older units, the cadence had a range of 30-200rpm according to P2Max.

  4. Sigh, another useless track powermeter. When will manufacturers learn? The only REAL choice for track is still SRM.

    This only measures cadence from 30-200? What a joke.

    The most important data for a sprinter comes from 0-30 for standing starts. Also most sprinters will spin well into 250+ cadence.

    What is the power limited to? Hopefully not <2000w like other products.

    I will not purchase this product due to specs. Lame. Someone needs to make an actual contender for SRM.

  5. SJ. Martin, Check out the new InfoCrank, article here a week or so ago, apparently developed for the AIS to calibrate and correct the drift of their SRM’s. Seems they are not so satisfied SRM is the answer for track. ( or at all?) Drift over 1000 watts is too large for meaningful data on the track where they are looking for accuracy well over 2000W.

  6. Sj Martin : you are talking like sprint was the only discipline ran on the track. BREAKING NEWS: pursuits racers don’t spin at 250rpm nor do the madison and point racers care about standing start.

    This is not counting the roadies and MTBers training during winter in indoor tracks.

  7. Tomi,

    I agree Sprinters are not the only track discipline, however we are the ones always ignored by brands except formSRM, which are out of reach price wise for most.

    I’m looking forward to the Chinese market getting involved in power meters, decimating the pricing and forcing the cartel to reduce their pricing.

    I need data from 0 – 230+ rpm and over 2000 watts. And I’m over 40 so the youngsters out their will need more than me!

    Endurance track riders can make use of many power meters already available, so no need huffiness against sprinters.

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