Like most US manufacturers, ENVE is proud to continue their production in the United States. When the time came to make the decision to move over seas or continue operations here, their gut feeling was that ENVE needed to stay. This quick documentary covers the day to day operations, and the people who make the beautiful carbon wheels turn.

Take a trip to the private backyard trails of Deity’s Tyler McCaul and Greg Watts as they unleash an insane amount of tricks in the latest edit from Deity. Welcome to “The Deer Camp”!

Filmed/Edited by Long Nguyen

Fueling the Tour of California from Skratch – Behind the scenes supporting the riders and staff at Stage 2 of the Amgen Tour of California.

As more and more Enduro oriented products show up, it seems that some are still unsure of what Enduro really is.  We’re headed to the AOA Mayhem Enduro next week, which is an enduro race in Eastern Ohio, to bring you the experience first hand. If you’re thinking about racing, registration is open until the 22nd, while the race is Sunday May 26. Hope to see you there!

Chase, Erin and I had the pleasure of working with Heath Boedeker and Appalacia Outdoor Adventures (AOA) to create a promo for the annual Mayhem Enduro bike race held at The Wilds. Filming, riding and hangin’ out….not a bad deal!

Check it out….and make sure to watch in HD! 🙂


Oh and give our own Erin Ford some love for his awesome editing job on this video!



  1. Yeah, you make the best parts you can possibly have. I still can buy them. They are ridiculously expensive. Maybe try making something a little bit more affordable, so you “the best parts available” can reach more bikers? My 2 cents.

  2. Jorge – there are no free lunches. If you want less expensive, something’s gotta give. For most brands, it’s the cost of labor, i.e. moving production overseas. I don’t think Enve position themselves as “the best parts for ALL cyclists.” To be attainable to all cyclists means they’d have to compromise something, and as the video indicates, it doesn’t seem they’re too interested in compromising anything. That’s fine. There are LOADS of great products out there, at all price points. You gotta respect a brand for staying within their vision though.

  3. following up on what James said…..I also thought (and read here on Bikerumor in some previous piece maybe) that ENVE’s stems, steatposts, bars, etc. (basically anything non–wheel) has been made overseas. Which if true…makes this video a bit disingenuous? Almost as if they are hiding that fact from us? Maybe I am wrong on the stems, steatposts, & handlebars being made overseas…but I swear I read that here at some point.

  4. The Enve 1.0 fork and all rims are made in Utah. All of the other components are made in China but supposedly production of them is moving back to Utah.

  5. I’ve used other products and had failure. My recent crash happened at 28mph. Broke my head tube but my Enve wheels, stem and handlebars had absolutely no damage. In fact, my wheels still ran true. Great products and tested on the road. I’ve had CarbonSports Lightweight wheels and those were wrecked by potholes. More confidence on Enves for me.

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