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The RockShox Pike is back. Again. This time it has been re-envisioned as the dirt jump fork many wished the original could have been – a flyweight fork durable enough for the punishment dirt jump bikes are known to endure. Thanks to the incredible new chassis, the reincarnated Pike was already a great starting point for a dirt jump version. Now complete with a few dirt jump specific tweaks, you can have the fork of your dreams for DJ, 4X, or slopestyle.

Dig in to the Pike DJ, next…

FS PIKE DJ 26 15 SA 100 BLK T CRN...A11LFS PIKE DJ 26 15 SA 140 BLK T CRN...A11L

As this is designed as a dirt jump fork, the Pike DJ will only be offered in 26″ wheel models and in 100 or 140mm of travel. Wondering just how burly the new Pike 35mm chassis is? To make the fork into a dirt jump model, they had to change precisely, well, nothing as far as the structure is concerned. The forks still use a hollow forged crown, tapered 35mm aluminum upper tubes with fast black coating, and what is now called the 15mm Maxxle Ultimate. We’re told that the Maxxle Ultimate is the exact same as the Pike’s “Maxxle Lite”  but now will be rebranded as the Maxxle Ultimate to avoid confusion with the other Maxxle Lite which is still in the XC product line. So from here on out it’s the Ultimate, which if you’ve used the new axle – is a pretty accurate description.

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On the inside though, there are a few dirt jump specific changes. The Charger damper has been custom tuned for soaking up massive hits with an extra firm compression tune, while the Solo Air spring has been given a DJ touch as well. The specially designed Solo Air top cap for the 100mm fork has the equivalent bottom out progression of the standard Pike with 5 bottom out tokens installed. On top of that, you can still add another 3 bottomless tokens for even more progression. This arrangement allows the fork to still remain supple for small bumps without blowing through the travel when you come up a little short on that next double. Other features like the low speed compression adjust, and Rapid Recovery rebound tune carry through.

FS PIKE DJ 26 15 SA 100 BLK T CRN...A16L

Perhaps the only barrier to entry is the fact that the fork will be sold with a tapered steerer, only. However, that helps cut down the weight to a very impressive 4.06lb (1845g) for the 100mm travel fork with a 265mm tapered steerer with the axle.

Set to be available this July, look for Pike DJ forks to retail for $884.








  1. Great looking fork, and I love my regular-size Pike… but aside from sponsored dudes and garage queens, will we see much of this fork? Who really wants to shell out (I’m assuming) $850-$900 for a set of jump bike forks? Certainly not your average squeaky-voiced, gangly-limbed, student-poor dirt jumper…

  2. tapered steerer is super nifty… if you can actually find a dj bike that takes it. Things keep going this way, every DJ frame is going to go tapered at once, then a couple years later there’s going to be a bunch of straight headtube DJ frames available for super cheap, because you won’t be able to find a fork for them anymore.

  3. Let’s not forget that there has never been a set of DJ wheels laced to 15mm hubs ever. This is basically a new standard for the DJ crowd.

  4. hmm… wonder if i can frankefork the 140mm version onto my 125mm trail bike? Locals with the longer version talk like it needs help not blowing thru travel so might be perfect as-is

  5. the other fun thing is that now 2 of main DJ forks available only go down to 100mm now… which sucks for people who like a shorter front end, and screws people who like a 24″ DJ completely.

  6. Lol, 24″ DJ…I have a 24″ bike more for the nostalgia.

    15mm has been pretty standard thanks to the 831.

    $800 for a top end DJ for is common, Argyle RCT, 831 are in that price point. The circus is the only cheap one.

  7. Lots of complaining about a fork no one is making you buy. I can’t wait to try this out on my slopestyle bike.

  8. @Jose You may have only have a 24″ for nostalgia, but lots of people, especially street guys like them. Heck, Blkmkt just announced a new one, that super sexy… and has a straight steerer.

  9. @Pedals: my Edit 1 has a Chris King 20mm front hub downconverted to 15mm for my Velvet. There are plenty of DJ riders out there on 15mm axles.

  10. A friend has been using an old-generation Pike as a dirt jump for many years now. Nice to see RockShox challenge Fox and it’s ridiculous CTD 831 for the high-end segment. Hopefully the Argyle stays around for cheapskates, those with old frames, etc…you know…dirt jumpers.

  11. Almost the perfect choice for my 2008 – 26″ TREK FUEL EX – 120mm rear 130-140 front travel, but the tappered steerer ruined my plans…….

  12. @copycat–after being on the pike for a year, and seeing many other Pikes with different tunes, i can say that if someone is blowing thru travel on a Pike… they most likely have the set-up wrong, or some piece not functioning properly. Not trying to second guess anyone or get into some comment warfare… but a 140mm DJ tune on a 125mm trail bike sounds like a good way to spend 900dollars for a jackhammer.

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